Plum Juice

Plum Juice
 Atk 21/
 Support  Def 27/
Carrot Bread  HP 213/
Liu Yao (刘垚)  Crit 150/1499
Greg Chun  Crit. Dmg 150/2114
Okitsu Kazuyuki  Atk Spd 158/2001
Deliveries, Airship
Conchi Puffin
Acid Attacks Plum Juice forcibly pours his specially brewed super-sour beverage into the stomach of the enemy target with the highest attack power, reducing their attack power by 2 points over 2 seconds.
Cool & Refreshing Plum Juice mixes some summer drinks for his team mates, reviving the allied team member with the lowest percentage of health by 300 HP, at the same time restoring this target's HP by 40 points per second over 3 seconds.
Super Cool & Refreshing Plum Juice prepares summer drinks for his teammates, restoring 360 HP to the friendly target with the lowest current health point percentage. At the same, restore 52 target HP per second over 3 seconds.

A gentle and well-mannered scholar. He adores listening to the opera and singing classic tunes. His voice can often be heard echoing in the streets.
Plum Juice Beverages
China 17~20th Century
Gentle and elegant 178cm
Likes: Yuxiang, Peking Duck, Hawthorne Ball Dislikes: -
The flowers will eventually wilt, but will also bloom again.
Plum Juice was a royal soup enjoyed by emperors & later being to the public. The sweet and sour flavor of Plum Juice is refreshing and thirst-quenching.
[R][Support] Food Soul

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