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Sumptuous Bouquet

Event Duration: 30 Mar 20 ~ 12 Apr 20 1. During the event, Air Ship drop odds will go up. UR Food Soul shard drops will randomly change from Cloud Tea to either Turducken, Matsutake Dobinmushi, or Apple Pie.2. Before the event starts, the Air Ship will not give out new Food Soul shards and […]


Pizza Time

Event Duration: 30 Mar 20 ~ 05 Apr 20 1. During the event, a limited sale card pool will open– Pizza Time.2. Only 10x draws allowed in this limited sale card pool. Each drawing costs 10 Pigeons.3. Pigeons can be purchased in the Mall and exchanged for using Soul Embers and Magic Crystals.4. Players are […]


Gate of Trials – Soba

Event Duration: 20 Mar 20 ~ 23 Mar 20 This event offers the chance to get Soba Artifact energy more efficiently by challenging special stages with either Stamina or “Gate of Trials Tickets”. Gate of Trials Tickets can be bought in shop for 5 Magic Crystals each to a maximum of 300 each day. As […]


Soul Log – Junmai Daiginjo

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Junmai Daiginjou Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 122/ Type  Strength  Def 22/ Fav Food Grilled Calamari  HP 555/ CN VA Ke Muqing (柯暮卿)  Crit 955/4375 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 885/4146 JAP VA Kakihara Tetsuya  Atk Spd 1227/5172 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Uke Mochi Sea Bunny Basic Banquet’s End […]


Soul Log – Chicken Strip Soup

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Chicken Strip Soup Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 55/ Type  Magic  Def 19/ Fav Food Stir-Fried Mussels  HP 410/ CN VA Ming Xixuan (明夕渲)  Crit 721/3143 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 511/2118 JAP VA Nakae Mitsuki  Atk Spd 1582/6032 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Uke Mochi Forker Basic Shifting Banner […]


Soul Log – Mango Pomelo Sago

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Mango Pomelo Sago Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 55/ Type  Support  Def 23/ Fav Food Black Fungus Congee  HP 510/ CN VA AKB48 Team SH Shen Ying (沈莹)  Crit 817/5307 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 766/3266 JAP VA –  Atk Spd 1422/5500 Availability Harvest Diary Fallen Angels Orochi Ghostern Basic […]


Soul Log – Chishui Moth Tea

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Chishui Moth Tea Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 52/ Type  Strength  Def 23/ Fav Food Mint Pineapple  HP 421/ CN VA Yang Ou (杨鸥)  Crit 619/2569 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 791/3488 JAP VA Komatsu Mikako  Atk Spd 1520/5780 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Aizen Puffin Basic Bloody Assault Chishui […]


Driving Rain

Event Duration: 17 Mar 20 ~ 25 Mar 20Event Duration: 23 Aug 19 ~ 01 Sep 19 Disclaimer: This list is based on the CN server’s iteration of this event, and may be subject to change. A storyline-type event that uses Action Points (AP) instead of Stamina. Event items are: Heart Seal    Reason Seal […]


Disaster Guide – Jellyfish

Main features and attributes of Jellyfish ● Immune to Skills (including Artifacts).● AOE skill which deals increasing fixed damage and charms team for 5s every 12s.● AOE skill which deals massive increasing fixed damage. ● Buffs itself which greatly increases Def for 10s every 20s. Can be dispelled.● Immune to CC, Atk Increases over time. […]


Lakeside Villa

Event Duration: 28 Feb 20 ~ 09 Mar 20 Introduction Similar event to Castle Mystery which showcases Oyster, this time it is Longjing Tea. While this event reduces time consumption and effort from repetitive fights, it trades off by introducing requirements to progress through chapters. Progression is bound by acquiring items from previous chapters. Thus […]


Soul Log – Longxi Cured Ham

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Longxi Cured Ham Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 134/ Type  Magic  Def 19/ Fav Food Mixed Greens  HP 510/ CN VA Ming Xixuan (明夕渲)  Crit 1241/5980 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 1456/7087 JAP VA –  Atk Spd 1523/6508 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Enhanced Uke Mochi Bulimia Basic Fire Talisman […]


Soul Log – Cordyceps

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Cordyceps Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 106/ Type  Support  Def 29/ Fav Food Spinach Noodles  HP 500/ CN VA Feng Xiu (风袖)  Crit 1213/5668 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 601/2606 JAP VA Tachibana Shinnosuke  Atk Spd 2100/9282 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Leaf Ocean Queen Sea Bunny Basic Butterfly Dance […]