Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese
 Atk 85/
 Support  Def 32/
Meat Zongzi  HP 523/
Zhang Pei (张沛)  Crit 1369/3054
-  Crit. Dmg 1465/3965
-  Atk Spd 2136/9451
Summon (Event)
Spectra Bulimia
Dazzling Blue Star Blue Cheese raises the Atk of the ally with the highest Atk by 15% and raises all allies' Atk Spd by 20% for 3 seconds, also causing all allies's next 2 normal attacks to be critical hits.
Feather Summoning Wandering Violin Blue Cheese heals the ally with the lowest HP for 210 health, also healing all allies for 66 health per second for 5 seconds.
Super Feather Summoning Wandering Violin Blue Cheese heals the ally with the lowest HP for 252 health, also healing all allies for 79 health per second for 5 seconds.

The lead violinist of the traveling music group "Fantasy musical", Blue Cheese is apt at playing the right melody at the right time. He loves all things natural and believes the purity of children is God's blessing. He admires Opera Cake, who's also in the music group, singing talent. But he still likes the group leader the most. He follows his heart when he carries out thing; fights with time to get what he likes and sometimes craft ideas to turn them into his collectibles -- for example, turning his favorite emotion into a music piece. As such, this is the most acceptable method others think when he tries to turn things into collectibles.
Blue Cheese Dishes
France 1st Century
Free and Natural 179cm
Likes: Opera Cake, Marshmallow Dislikes: -
Children's laughter is the world's most beautiful and most genuine sound.
From the moment it was invented till today, Blue Cheese has been around for about 2700 years and it is considered as a member of the emperor's class cheese. Around the world, only 7 cheese-making diary are qualified to produce it. Blue Cheese demands exceptionally high natural-based procedures during preparation, where fermentation can only take place within a gigantic cave located in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, France. Blue Cheese has a rich scent and tastes a little bit spicy. At the same time, it possess a unique aroma,invokes a strong metallic taste of blueberry as well as some sweetness; the last 2 characteristics are caused by combustion of Sheep's milk. Tasting Blue Cheese is akin to tasting the rich musical palettes of a violin musical piece.
[UR][Support] Food Soul

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