Disaster Guide – Bonepain

Main features and attributes of Bonepain

● AOE skill deals % based damage at specified intervals.
● Bone Pain’s Atk, Crit Dmg and Def increases as battle drags on. Cannot be dispelled.
● AOE skill that stops healing and reduces energy

Special Feature

● Sunny Weather: Increases 10% Atk of your team while dealing 2% HP damage to them every 2s.

Countering the Main Features

1. AOE skill deals % based damage at specified intervals. + Special Feature

Damage %

Deals significant % based damage at specified intervals with its AOE skill. Survive past 6:52 and there will be no more AOE. The survival on your team depends on how good your healer is. This means HP of your team need to be kept in check but not as strictly as other bosses like Aluna. Soft checking your team’s HP will help to counter the special feature which deals 2% HP every 2s. Healers with group heals are a plus point to counter this AOE. In fact Healers such as Nagashi Somen, Milt with Caviar, Sweet Tofu are more recommended. Healers with good atk spd FAs is also a basic requirement.


2. Bone Pain’s Atk, Crit Dmg and Def increases as battle drags on.

These 3 passive stat increases cannot be dispelled or removed. Thus, there is only soft control of these abilities through decreasing damage done and decreasing Def of Bone Pain.

Regarding Atk increase, there is not much counters except maybe using higher starred food souls or using a tank. Using food souls with Atk decreasing skills like Bonito Rice or Mandarin Squirrel Fish might help too. However, both mentioned food souls’ Atk decreasing abilities come from energy skills which needs a timely trigger. This means another slot will be wasted on their linked partner. A better option might be to use another healer-dps food soul like Miso Soup.

Def increase can be countered with food souls with Def decreasing skills like Huangshan Maofeng, Osmanthus Cake, Bamboo Rice etc. Of note, Huangshan Maofeng and Osmanthus Cake makes a good combination but they need to be of high stars to squeeze out their potential. However, it is recommended to just use a good DPS to overcome the Def increase instead of negating it.



3. AOE skill that reduces energy and disables healing.

Unique ability of Bonepain that comes in 2 parts: Energy reduction and Heals Disable. Energy reduction cannot be cleansed, thus to counter it will be to make use of energy generation food souls like Cloud Tea, Butter Tea, Rum etc. However, only use these food souls when they suit well into the team comp.

Heals disable last 10s and can be devastating to the battle. However, it can be cleansed and cleansing food souls are recommended to counter this ability. These food souls include Nagashi Somen, Bibimbap, Sichuan Hotpot, Borscht and and Laba Congee. Healers are recommended to save a spot for a better DPS.


Team Composition & Fallen Angels

Atk Spd FAs are now the staple for most fights, and is also the case for this boss. The higher the enhancements the better the damage output. However, Atk FAs can be used for team comp using tank. Healers are top priority in this boss fight and survival of the team solely depends on them, thus putting your best Atk Spd FAs on them is a must. Artifacts play a crucial role for team comp based on Beer. The higher the nodes with higher level togis will increase the damage output significantly. Priority of buffs goes to Atk Spd if Atk Spd of team is not optimal yet. If the team’s Atk Spd is enough, go for Critical Buff to reach higher damage output.

Notable Pairings







These pairings produce great synergies and are recommended to try them out if your team comp happens to include either one of them. They are especially useful against Bonepain’s AOE when heals can be triggered manually at the correct time. Not compulsory to follow these pairings if fallen angels, stars are not desirable or better food soul choices are available.

Team Comp 1 (Double Heals)

  • 3 x Attackers
  • 2 x Healers

For starters or beginners when the team cannot survive the AOE + special feature, double healers might help to pull through. Give them your best Atk Spd FAs and try using pairings mentioned above to maximize damage and to trigger heals when needed at the AOE intervals.

Team Comp 2 (Pairing Heals)

  • 4 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer




Basically same as previous team comp but using only 1 healer with compulsory pairing to trigger heals. This is just to ensure survival past the AOE period before 6:52, while also ensuring higher damage output.

Team Comp 3 (Beer Basic with Tank)

  • 1 x Beer
  • 2 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer
  • 1 x Tank

A standard beer team comp using 1 tank and 1 healer. This team works best with the team pairing of Caviar and Milt. Requirement on tank is not that harsh and critical, so it is best to test it out. Defensive tank with self healing, invincibility or shield abilities at basic skill are highly recommended to ease the job of the healer.

Team Comp 4 (Beer Basic with Double Heals)

  • 1 x Beer
  • 2 x Attackers
  • 2 x Healers

Double heals is used in this team comp instead of tank to increase chance of survival. However, because there are 2 healers, the requirements can be lowered for them. Miso or Osechi can be used as a secondary healer with additional damage output.


Bonepain is a very demanding disaster boss which test your healers’ capabilities. Do not be discouraged but keep trying different team comps to find the best that suits your available food souls.

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