Atk 21/
 Magic  Def 12/
Omurice  HP 287/
Mu Fei (沐霏)  Crit 753/3299
Kat Cressida  Crit. Dmg 931/4173
Mineuchi Tomomi  Atk Spd 1008/3278
Summon, Airship, Shard Fusion, Event (Spring Blossoms Among the Night, Food Soul's Wish, Grand Dress-Up)
Tanuki Warrior Spirit
Sakura Oath Sakuramochi uses cherry blossoms to forge a wall around the allied team member with the highest defense power, improving their defense power by 1 point over 3 seconds.
Sakura Dance Sakuramochi urges a large amount of cherry blossoms to attack all enemies, dealing damage of 40%, and an extra 15 points of damage. At the same time, the defense power of all enemies are reduced by by 3 points over 3 seconds.
- -
Texture Breakthrough During Judging Voyage, the Texture of all dishes entered is increased by 55 points (+5 per level)0☆
Cater to Preference Increase the initial Mood of the Judge in Voyage by 3%. (+3 per level)2☆

An optimistic young girl who hates seeing people sad. She enjoys making other people happy by summoning beautiful cherry blossoms to brighten up their day.
Sakuramochi Desserts
Japan 20th Century
Warm 158cm
Likes: Taiyaki Dislikes: -
I wish for clear skies every day.
The soft texture combined with the sweetness of red beans nourishes the taste buds just like a warm spring breeze.
[R][Magic] Food Soul

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