Atk 135/
 Magic  Def 10/
Chinese Yam and Squab Soup  HP 423/
Xiao Xin (小忻)  Crit 2153/10679
-  Crit. Dmg 643/2903
Suzuki Yuuto  Atk Spd 1523/6508
Aizen Amazake
Evil-Destroying Blade Blue fire flames emanate from the hand of Tteokguk, causing 40% damage to all enemies and an additional 65 points of damage. At the same time, he increases the basic attack damage of all friendly units by 20% for 3 seconds.
Exorcism Ritual Tteokguk waves his skull staff to exorcise the enemies, dealing 40% of attack damage and an additional 315 points of damage to all enemies. At the same time, all enemies have a probability of being stunned for 5 seconds.
- -

A very disciplined young man who place emphasis on appearance, mannerisms and emotional expressions. That's why he's respectful and humble in his mannerisms. He's also very gentle when he interacts with others.
Tteokguk Main Course
Korea Unknown
Gentle 183cm
Likes: Bibimbap Dislikes: -
The more formal one's mannerisms is, the more easy it is to showcase one's worth.
In ancient times, Tteokguk is consumed during New Year's ceremony as it is say to bring fortune. However, the way it is eaten can change which represent different types of wish. The 18th century marks the time when Tteokguk is eaten by everyone in the entire country as a "Spring delicacy" and this tradition would eventually be passed down to future generations. Because eating a bowl of Tteokguk is equal to ageing by a year, love and hatred intertwine when people thinks about the passing of time.
[UR][Magic] Food Soul

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