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Boston Lobster (SP)

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Boston Lobster (SP) Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 150/ Type  Strength  Def 21/ Fav Food Cappuccino  HP 650/ CN VA Ah Jie (阿杰)  Crit 1231/5756 EN VA Ray Chase  Crit. Dmg 1650/8086 JAP VA Eguchi Takuya  Atk Spd 1602/6862 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Tsuchigumo Thundaruda Basic Sun-Shooting Crossbow Boston […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Martini Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 130/ Type  Magic  Def 28/ Fav Food Bamboo Stir Fry  HP 510/ CN VA Li Yuantao (李元韬)  Crit 1859/9166 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 1677/8227 JAP VA Tokumori Keisuke  Atk Spd 1150/4825 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Tsuchigumo Sea Bunny Basic Arrow of Judgement […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Minestrone Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 143/ Type  Magic  Def 14/ Fav Food Black Fungus Congee  HP 412/ CN VA Hei Shi Ren(黑石稔)  Crit 1152/5523 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 722/3308 JAP VA Hatano Wataru  Atk Spd 1843/7948 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Inugami Tanuki Basic Nightmare Possession Minestrone deals […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Cappuccino Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 60/ Type  Defense  Def 17/ Fav Food Ginseng Black Chicken  HP 520/ CN VA V17-Vila  Crit 821/3526 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 712/3007 JAP VA Suyama Emiri  Atk Spd 1529/5819 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Aizen Fanged Snail Basic Holy Robe Surge Cappuccino deals […]



Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Sachertorte Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 51/ Type  Defense  Def 21/ Fav Food Mushroom Chicken Stew  HP 480/ CN VA Xiu Yuan (修缘)  Crit 514/2069 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 790/3380 JAP VA Maeda Seiji  Atk Spd 1542/5872 Availability Summon (Event) Fallen Angels Enhanced Uke Mochi Hamstero Basic Chasing the […]


Jianbing Guozi

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Jianbing Guozi Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 17/ Type  Strength  Def 24/ Fav Food Stuffed Lotus Root  HP 241/ CN VA Chang Tian (长天)  Crit 488/1753 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 501/1860 JAP VA Mikami Jou  Atk Spd 409/1184 Availability Drink Bar Fallen Angels Fanged Snail Spiked Snail Basic Powerful […]


Instant Noodles

Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Instant Noodles Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 33/ Type  Defense  Def 21/ Fav Food Bird’s Nest with White Fungus  HP 289/ CN VA Kang Xinyu (亢心雨)  Crit 638/2658 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 566/2316 JAP VA Takagaki Ayahi  Atk Spd 828/2648 Availability Team Up Fallen Angels Prajna Koi Basic Battlefield […]


Anonymous Letter

Event Duration: 18 Mar 20 ~ 25 Mar 20 1. During the event, a double-pick card pool will open– Anonymous Letter.2. Anonymous Letter card pool only offers 10x draws, and only Jade Gourds can be used to make draws.3. Jade Gourds can be purchased in the Mall and exchanged for using Soul Embers and Magic […]


Fairy Fox

Event Duration: 18 May 20 ~ 24 May 20 Spend Magic Crystals to claim tons of rewards1. During the event, when Master Attendant reaches a certain tier in Magic Crystal spending, you can claim the corresponding reward.2. After the event, the event page will disappear, so Master Attendants please note the event timer and claim […]


Flowing Vintage

Event Duration: 18 May 20 ~ 24 May 20 1. During the event, each time you do a summoning in the Summon page, you will get a Sai*1.2. Exchange it in the event page for SR Awamori shards and lots of supplies.3. After the event ends, unused Sais will no longer be exchangeable for items, […]


Lion Dance

Event Duration: 15 May 20 ~ 21 May 20 1. The bingo event will last 7 days. If players complete all tasks, they can claim a mystery grand prize. 2. For completing 3 tasks in a column or row, you can claim a reward.3. On the fourth day of the event, you can spend Magic […]


Harvest Diary – Mango Pomelo Sago

Event Duration: 15 May 20 ~ 29 May 20 1. Complete daily missions to receive personal EXP to upgrade the Harvest Diary and get corresponding rewards.2. Spend 500 Soul Embers to upgrade Diary level by 1 without using Personal EXP.3. Bookmarks can be used to raise the amount of personal EXP gained 50% and to […]