Disaster Guide – Aluna

Main features and attributes of Aluna

● Deals % based damage.
● Aluna’s Atk, Def and Atk Spd increases as battle drags on.
● Huge damage on closest target and normal damage to rest of the team.
● Cast a debuff on whole team which decreases damage done.
● Does an AOE (Area of Effect) skill and stuns 2 random food souls.

Countering the 3 main features

1. Deals % based damage.

Basically the same as the guild boss devouring beast, Aluna deals % based damage. What this means is that HP of your team should be kept in check to allow your healer to be able to heal through. This can vary from different players according to the competency of the healer. The competency of the healer relies heavily on the Fallen Angels, skill level and star etc. Atk Spd FA is recommended for the healer. Healers with both group heals like Bibimbap, Milt, Sweet Tofu, Fondant Cake, Laba Congee or Miso Soup are also recommended to keep the team topped up.


2. Aluna’s Atk, Def and Atk Spd increases as battle drags on.

This feature of Aluna can be daunting and challenging for early game players. Aluna will gradually become stronger and harder to heal through and the team might not be able to last the whole fight. However, it is possible for various parts of this feature to be removed. Thus, food souls who can accomplish this task are Moon Cake, Toso, Butter Tea, Rum or even Bonito Rice. Moon Cake is actually the most accessible food soul for early game players, and she has become even better with her new artifacts. Butter Tea is a great choice as he can remove the buff while also increasing Atk Spd of whole team. Atk Spd FA is recommended to increase probability of casting basic skill to remove Aluna’s buff.

Another mean to counter this feature is to use damage reducing food souls like Bonito Rice. He can help take up a Tank slot if the team comp allows.


3. Cast a debuff on whole team which reduces damage done.

This is main feature and concern which affects overall damage done. Aluna casts a AOE debuff on the whole team which reduces damage done for the duration of the debuff. This debuff causes a 40% damage drop during the duration. To counter this debuff, our team needs to use food souls who can remove this debuff. These cleanser food souls include Nagashi Somen, Bibimbap, Sichuan Hotpot, Borscht and Laba Congee. Nagashi Somen, Bibimbap and Laba Congee are healers in nature, thus can be used to free up a slot for another DPS. Sichuan Hotpot and Borscht, on the other hand, are DPS while they can dish out quite a significant damage in addition to energy boost for the team, using them will take up a DPS slot which can be catered for a better pure DPS like Turkey, Pizza or Champagne. Choose the food soul according to your team comp. Atk Spd FA is also recommended to clear the debuff as soon as possible.


Team Composition & Fallen Angels

As mentioned above in the 1st feature, Aluna deals % damage. Thus it is important to keep the HP of your team in check to ensure they can last the whole fight. Unless you are a high tier whale, a tank is still recommended to tank through the fight. Attackers or DPS are recommended to use pure attackers as usual like Champagne, Pizza, Turkey, Bamboo Rice, Boston Lobster, Sanma, Cassata, American Corn Bread, Red Wine, Hamburger, Black Tea. Food souls with links are also recommended if you are using either one. Examples of these links are Sanma-Miso Soup, Apple Pie-American Corn Bread, Caviar-Milt, Champagne-Fondant Cake. For buffs, recommended for players with +10,+11 FAs or lower to go for Atk Spd buff. Atk buff is only recommended for high tier players with FAs already maxing out Atk Spd.

Artifact Power

Certain artifacts bring about necessary abilities to aid in boss fights like cleansing and dispelling. These artifacts mostly require opening up several nodes but can prove to be super useful and effective. Currently food souls with these artifacts is Boston Lobster. Other artifacts with significant buffs to attacking food souls can also greatly improve damage output. Basically artifacts are the top considerations in endgame.


Notable Pairings






These pairings produce great synergies and are recommended to try them out if your team comp happens to include either one of them. Not compulsory to follow these pairings if fallen angels, stars are not desirable or better food soul choices are available.

Team Comp 1 (Early Dispel) :

  • 1 x Dispeller
  • 2 x Pure Attackers
  • Sweet Tofu
  • Miso Soup

Probably everyone will start out with this simple conventional team comp like this when we did not have debuff clearing food souls like Bibimbap or Laba Congee. At this juncture, players are only trying to survive the whole fight rather than maximizing damage done. Because there are 2 healers, Toso, Rum or Moon Cake can act as a tank in this comp. Once you think your healers are able capable of healing through whole fight, the team can be adjusted to 3 pure attackers and removing 1 healer from the team.

Team Comp 2 (Double Heals) :

  • 1 x Tank
  • 2 x Pure Attackers
  • 2 x Healers (Offensive and Defensive)

The option for team comp opens up when you reach mid game and when your healers are good enough to last the whole fight even with Aluna getting stronger. Offensive tanks like Crab Long Bao, Steak can replace Toso/Moon Cake to provide more damage. DPS and healers pool are also opened to create links that can generate higher damage output.

Team Comp 3 (Cleanser Synergy) :

  • 1 x Tank
  • 2 x Pure Attackers or 1 x Pure Attacker + Sichuan Hotpot
  • 2 x Healer or 1 x Healer + Bibimbap/Laba Congee


This team comp will be the most common at this juncture of the game and is basically the same as team comp 2 except for the addition of a cleanser. Depending on what you choose or currently have, Sichuan Hotpot, Bibimbap or Laba Congee can be used to substitute a DPS or healer. To maximize the potential of the cleanser, good Atk Spd FA is a must. If Atk Spd FA is not good enough, the damage might fall short and ends up being worse than team comp 2. Of note, if using Laba Congee, Toso can be a good choice for a DPS slot to generate energy for the team.

Team Comp 4 (Atk Spd Auto) :

  • 3 x Pure Attackers
  • 2x Healers


Simple auto setup with 3 pure attackers and 2 healers. Best to use 1 cleanser of either Sichuan Hotpot, Bibimbap or Laba Congee. Use Bibimbap or Laba Congee when you have better DPS than Sichuan Hotpot. Healers must be of certain caliber with good FAs for this auto team. Try them out to find the best comp. Fondant Cake can be used if using Champagne for link bonus but no more auto =(!

Team Comp 5 (Atk Spd Auto with Speed Buffer) :

  • 2 x Pure Attackers
  • Butter Tea/Beer
  • 2x Healers



A variant of Team Comp 4 but with a speed buffer. Good Atk Spd FAs are a must for the speed buffer and healers. With a speed buffer like Butter Tea or Beer, the healers can easily heal through the team even without a tank. However, healers need to be of certain benchmarks to pull this comp off. Test them out to find the perfect match ups. No fuss and almost zero failure team comp.

Team Comp 6 (High Tier Atk Spd with Tank) :

  • 1 x Tank
  • 2 x Pure Attackers
  • Butter Tea/Beer
  • Bibimbap/Laba Congee


High tier team comp requiring multiple good Atk Spd FAs of +12 and up. This team comp relies on speed to dish out insane amount of damage. Speed comes from either Butter Tea or Beer. This means these 2 food souls are required to have high star as well to maximize Atk Spd. There is also a requirement on healers in terms of star level to be able to heal the whole team. At least 1 star Bibimbap and 3 star Laba Congee is recommended for this build.

Team Comp 7 (Ultimate Damage) :

  • 3 x Pure Attackers
  • Beer
  • Bibimbap


The ultimate setup to achieve highest damage. Requirement benchmark is high starting with minimum requirement of at least a 3 star Bibimbap. Beer should be at least 4-5 star to maximize his speed. Full team with +12 Atk Spd FAs are required and recommended paired with Atk Spd Buff. Atk Buff can be chosen if Atk Spd FAs reached +15 and above. Artifacts of the attackers are also important, requiring them to reach at least node 2 for higher damage output during beer’s silence. After reaching the above benchmark, the fight is basically an auto RNG-based battle based on chance of beer’s basic attacks and artifacts’ skills probability. The endgame of this comp is to add on Atk Spd and opening more artifacts’ nodes.