Soka Senbei

Soka Senbei
 Atk 29/
 Defense  Def 28/
Sauteed Mushrooms  HP 701/
Xiao Xin (小忻)  Crit 887/3842
-  Crit. Dmg 691/2911
Tamaru Atsushi  Atk Spd 728/2613
Harvest Diary
Orochi Rocketero
Maple protection Soka Senbei reduces his Atk by 90% and grants himself Invulnerability for 4 seconds.
Forgotten blade Soka Senbei deals 100% of his Atk stat and an additional 212 points of damage to the nearest foe, also healing himself for 15% of his Max HP.
Super Forgotten blade Soka Senbei deals 120% of his Atk stat and an additional 265 points of damage to the nearest foe, also healing himself for 25% of his Max HP.

Calm, collected and emotionless, although Soka Senbei is indifferent to everything else in the world, he actually has a naturally ditzy and lovable aura that he isn't able to conceal. Because of certain reasons, he once loss his previous memories and hence, he's a little slow in his reactions.
Soka Senbei Snack
Japan 17th ~ 19th Century
Indifferent 178cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
Forgetting everything is the only remaining salvation.
Senbei (仙贝) is the chinese translation of "Japanese cracker" based on how it is being spoken. It is prepared by pounding Japonica Rice, followed by spreading the powder out. Then, it is grilled or baked to form a type of rice cracker snack. Soka Senbei is mostly categorised into 2 types and the seasonings are vastly different. Salt, soya sauce, sweet and chili peppers and hard sugar can be paired up with it. Senbei first began to take shape in Soka, Japan. During the Edo period, food businesses in Soka enjoyed relative prosperity, and to handle the remaining ingredients that were previously used to make tea snacks, merchants began to grind rice into powder before frying or baking them. Thus, this created senbei and seasonings for it were sold. As such, senbei became a specially produced good in Soka. Later on, Soka offered Senbei to the Japan imperial emperor and it was termed "Soka Senbei" by the latter.
[SR][Defense] Food Soul

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