Atk 28/
 Support  Def 36/
Pumpkin Muffin  HP 335/
Weng Yuan (翁媛)  Crit 394/1499
Casey Mongillo  Crit. Dmg 524/2114
Hanae Natsuki  Atk Spd 632/2277
Summon, Airship, Hard Stages
Enhanced Uke Mochi Rabbert
Blessing in Disguise Salad drops out of the basket and flies off to feed the friendly target with the lowest current health point percentage, restoring 35 HP per second over 3 seconds.
Runaway Vegetable Salad unleashes one's hidden potential, increasing the attack power of all friendlies by 3 points for 5 seconds, with a probability of increasing the critical rate of all friendlies by 20 points over 5 seconds.
- -

A soft and cute child. He isn't very courageous and can always be found hiding in the shadows. He doesn't like to talk with others and doesn't like it when his feelings get hurt.
Salad Fast Food
Unknown Present Day
Cowardly 164cm
Likes: Yogurt Dislikes: -
I can also protect people's health~
Love it or hate it! Salad is the type of recipe that adults love and children hate. However, eventually, everyone likes them.
[SR][Support] Food Soul

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