Healers Guide

Let’s first look at ALL the healers!
For the sake of keeping things simple, all skills listed will be Lv. 1 and all healing done over time will be added into one value.

R Healers

Plum Juice

  • Basic Skill: ATK-2 (2sec) to one enemy
  • Energy Skill: 420 HP to lowest HP% ally
  • Linked Skill with Zongzi: 526 HP to lowest HP% ally

Known for having a mistranslated skill for a good few months, causing people to think that he was mini Canele. Well, he’s not. Basic Skill is single-target and has insignificant effect, and Energy Skill only heals one target. Just stick to using Milk.


  • Basic Skill: 30 HP + 25 DMG Shield to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 170 HP to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Black Tea221 HP to all allies

Milk is free for all players. She’s a loyal and reliable general Healer, and you probably won’t switch her out so soon. Makes a cute couple with Black Tea.

Miso Soup

  • Basic Skill: 100% ATK each second (4.5sec) + 10 DMG each second
    (4.5sec) + chance to Stun (4.5sec) to one enemy
  • Energy Skill: 88 HP to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Sanma: 228 HP to all allies

He protecc, but he also attacc. Miso is called the 0.5 Healer because his Basic Skill doesn’t heal, but his damage is insane, even outshining some attackers while having a contingency heal. His Stun is RNG but it helps you to get out of many sticky situations. A womanizer but extremely useful.

SR Healers

Fondant Cake

  • Basic Skill: 56 HP + Immunity to Charm (8sec) to all allies
  • Energy Skill: 370 HP to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Champagne: 444 HP to all allies

Made as an anniversary cake on the CN server, she has been left on the shelf while Elex pushed out Champagne. She manages to dethrone Sweet Tofu as the highest Energy Skill healer, but her Basic Skill has very limited opportunities to perform. If we are talking about Charm Immunity, Cloud Tea with her Artifact does it better, albeit at a high price.

Laba Congee

  • Basic Skill: 23 HP + Cleanse to all allies
  • Energy Skill: 267 HP to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Toso: 320 HP to all allies

Our beloved World Boss healer who is now permanently summonable. Her cleanse is extremely useful against World Boss Aluna, dispelling that pesky ATK debuff and helping your Team do more than shoot with a pea shooter. However she’s not the best outside of World Boss.

Matcha Rice

  • Basic Skill: 45 HP to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 130 HP + ATK+10% (5sec) to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Toso: 156 HP + ATK+15% (5sec) to all allies

Hawthorne Ball’s lookalike has been teased for ages but not yet released. Her Basic Skill isn’t that strong, but she is able to buff ATK on her Energy Skill. However, I can’t see many situations where that 10~15% ATK will justify running her. Maybe you can consider her if you absolutely need to run 2 healers and need some extra damage…

Milk Tea

  • Basic Skill: 36 HP to lowest HP% ally + 3 Energy to self after next 3 Normal Attacks
  • Energy Skill: 120 HP to all allies + 75 HP to all allies after next 5 Normal Attacks

I love Milk Tea! But that’s only for the real drink. Her Basic Skill is strange, giving herself more energy to build up to an Energy Skill that requires her to do extra work to unleash the full effects, which isn’t even impressive. I suppose her creation is spearheaded by the need to create something unique, regardless of actual usefulness.

Mung Bean Soup

  • Basic Skill: 20 HP + Invulnerability (1sec) to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 220 HP + Cleanse to all allies

The only time Mung Bean’s Basic Skill would be useful is when your Tank is about to die and another Healer’s Energy Skill needs 1 more second to charge up… and even on paper that sounds ridiculous. While the Energy Skill is recorded as single-target, testing shows that it heals all allies. It’s unknown whether it’s a bug on our side or what, but either way cleansing on an Energy Skill isn’t that reliable. Precious and adorable, not made for battle.


  • Basic Skill: 105 HP to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: ATK+3 (5sec) + chance to CRIT RATE+20 (5sec) to all allies

One of the famous traps of Food Fantasy. His Basic Skill is like Tiramisu’s, but the ATK and CRIT RATE buff is too insignificant. He has oddly high DEF as compared to other SR healers, but as DEF only affects normal attack damage… He’s cute, but that’s about it.

Sweet Tofu

  • Basic Skill: 30 HP + 10 DMG Shield to all allies
  • Energy Skill: 280 HP to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Salty Tofu: 335 HP to all allies

One of the most reliable general Healers without restrictions. Heals the most with his Energy Skill out of all SR Healers except Fondant Cake, but is permanent in the summon pool. The addition of his Artifact is simply icing on the cake. He might kill you in your sleep, but his usefulness is worth the risk.


  • Basic Skill: 45 HP + 30 DMG Shield to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 150 HP + Invulnerability (3sec) to all allies, but falls asleep for 10 seconds
  • Linked Skill with Moon Cake: 195 HP + Invulnerability (4sec) to all allies, but falls asleep for 8 seconds

Her invulnerability is useful against the Guild Boss’s fire. When you use Tangyuan, you must use Moon Cake together. Timing her skill prevents her sleeping in danger. I just made a rhyme for you, stranger.


  • Basic Skill: 105 HP to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 65 HP to all allies + Charm (2sec) to all enemies
  • Linked Skill with Coffee & Chocolate84 HP to all allies + Charm (3sec) to all enemies

Monika Tiramisu is one of the mascots of Food Fantasy. Her single-target heal is good, but unfortunately that’s all she’s good for. People don’t run her for her Charm, that’s what Foie Gras is for. Falls short after early-game.


  • Basic Skill: 99DMG to furthest enemy
  • Energy Skill: 220 HP + Cleanse to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Salad: 264 HP + Cleanse to all allies

Another 0.5 Healer like Miso, but her damage pales in comparison. Her Energy Skill might seem useful, but cleansing on an Energy Skill isn’t very reliable. If you are looking for a cleanser, look for Laba instead.

UR Healers


  • Basic Skill: DMG+5% (2sec) + Cleanse to all allies
  • Energy Skill: 230 HP to all allies + 150 HP to all allies after they Normal Attack thrice

The Food Soul with the name that I mispronounced for ages. An upgrade of Laba, with the only flaw being the short damage buff. Healing, Cleansing and Damage Buff in an all-in-one stone bowl. She requires heavy investment, only shining when she’s ascended multiple times. Your Fallen Angels and Food Souls must also be somewhat established to be able to afford to wait for her Energy Skill. Do that, and she’s golden.

Cloud Tea

  • Basic Skill: 31 HP + Skill Damage Immunity (2sec) to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 60 DMG Shield to all allies + 50 Energy to the four furthest allies

I never thought we’d see the day a healer would jump so much in usefulness. After the release of her Artifact, it made it possible for “Artifact Cloud Tea” teams to be run. While her healing prowess wasn’t improved by that much, she became able to grant Immunity to Silence and Charm, two of the most deadliest effects in Showdown. This warranted her a spot despite being purely support, changing the meta of Showdown as we know it.


  • Basic Skill: 5% Damage for 5s plus 15 extra damage. Reduce Defense of random enemy by 15%.
  • Energy Skill: 60 DMG Shield to all allies + 50 Energy to the four furthest allies

Known as the UR version of Miso Soup because of her ability to deal damage with her basic skill but is still a healer when using normal attacks. Also because of this, her healing ability is sub par. Although her energy skill makes it up with an additional invincibility for teammates, her overall healing is not enough to stand as a solo healer in most circumstances. However, the invincibility could prove useful in certain scenarios and she performs well as a secondary healer.


  • Basic Skill: 55 HP + 10 Energy to lowest HP% ally
  • Energy Skill: 300 HP + 60 DMG Shield to all allies
  • Linked Skill with Caviar: 1200 HP + 72 DMG Shield to all allies

The queen of healing with a name you shouldn’t google. In comparison to Sweet Tofu, Milt is a more offensive upgrade, boosting your Team’s damage 10 Energy at a time, but only healing one target at a time. If your Food Souls are able to take hits until her Energy Skill kicks in, they will receive healing akin to how your Grandma feeds you when you are hungry. She’s hardly used without her partner Caviar though, as that’s where her main strength lies.

Nagashi Somen

  • Basic Skill: 25 HP +75 HP to team, Also cleanses the team
  • Energy Skill: 182 HP + 150 HP + 30 HP for next 5 Normal Attacks (150HP)
  • Linked Skill with Raindrop Cake: 219 HP + 180 HP + 36 HP for next 5 Normal Attacks (180 HP)

If Milt is the queen of healing, Nagashi Somen will be the king. He mainly focuses on pure healing with both instant heal plus heals over time. In terms of numbers, his basic skill loses 5 HP to Tiramisu but makes it up because it is a group heal. Additionally, it comes with a cleansing ability which is very useful for disasters. His energy skill dominates all other healers with massive pure heals while not requiring a link like Milt.

When to use what

Healers can be classified into 3 categories: General, Specific and Special. Below are the notable Food Souls for each category:

  • General: Fondant Cake, Sweet Tofu, Milk, Milt, Nagashi Somen
  • Specific: Laba Congee, Tangyuan
  • Special: Bibimbap, Cloud Tea, Miso Soup, Osechi

The rest can more or less be ignored.

General healers
You use them when you need a healer, and there are no other factors to consider except healing. Your starter healer Milk is easy to ascend, as her shards are readily available in Hard Mode. Furthermore, she increases the damage of her partner Black Tea. The time to graduate from Milk is either when you take out Black Tea for a better DPS, or when you get Sweet Tofu / Milt.

Of course, you have to use some common sense. A dead healer can’t heal. Therefore, if your Milk is at 5⭐, you shouldn’t replace her with a 0⭐Sweet Tofu or Milt yet. While they don’t have to completely overtake Milk in stats, they need to at least be able to survive well enough to keep the Team alive.

Fondant Cake has slightly better healing than Sweet Tofu, but her Basic Skill healing actually takes place over 8 seconds, as compared to Sweet Tofu’s 3 seconds. Her Charm Immunity skill has too little opportunities to be used, which is why I put her under the general healer role. While she’s unreleased, it’s quite likely that she’ll be limited and only be available in an event, making the permanent Sweet Tofu easier to ascend. If you happen to have a higher ⭐ Fondant Cake over Sweet Tofu in the future, you can still use her.

What stats do I need on a general healer?
In early-game, 3 HP 1 ATK is the way to go. With 3 HP, your healer should be tanky enough to not die, and you can benefit off the 1 ATK line as around 6.4 ATK gives 1 extra HP heal on the normal attack your healers do. Once the healer has been ascended a few times and have high enough natural HP, you can choose to swap to 4 ATK / ATK SPD. Go for ATK to maximize normal attack healing, or ATK SPD to maximize casting of Basic Skills.

In situations where HP has to be controlled, e.g. World Boss Aluna / Guild Boss, you need to go 0~2HP 2~4 ATK / ATK SPD depending on your healer’s natural HP. This is because the bosses’ damage scale off the highest HP in your Team, making your healers’ high HP a burden.

Specific healers
You use them when their skill is directly tied to a battle strategy. For example, Laba Congee is used over Sweet Tofu in World Boss Aluna as she can cleanse your Team, allowing them to do actual damage instead of being debuffed the whole time. Outside of World Boss, you are probably better off using a general healer.

Tangyuan is used when you need the invulnerability skill. An example is in Guild Boss, where a strategy is to time Tangyuan’s Energy Skill to activate just before the HP%-based fireballs, making the fight a walk in the park. Tangyuan is almost always used together with Moon Cake because an uncontrolled invunerability skill might as well be a normal DMG shield, not to mention the issue of her going to sleep after using it. Outside of Guild Boss, Tangyuan might be used in certain story stages the same way.

What stats do I need on a specific healer?
It depends on the skill you need from the healer. If it’s a Basic Skill, ATK SPD. No question about that. If it’s an Energy Skill, you can use either ATK or ATK SPD.

Special healers
Special healers are well, special. I will explain each of them in detail.

Because of her utility, Bibimbap can be both a general and specific healer. If your Team is able to survive with simply her Energy Skill, Bibimbap can increase the damage output of the entire Team with her buff while being a general healer. Furthermore, her Cleanse ability allows her to be used as a specific healer in World Boss Aluna.

The only thing to take note is that she can only be used with a strong Team, which means the Lv. cap of 60 is going to get in the way. She needs to be at least 1⭐to be useful, 2⭐ to use till late-game, and 3⭐to use till the day you uninstall this game.

Cloud Tea
The destroyer of the Peking and Foie meta in Showdown. The reason why she’s a special healer is that without her Artifact, she’s simply a trophy Food Soul. With her Artifact, she breaks the meta of Showdown.

In her Node Tree, Togi Node 3 grants her the ability to grant Silence Immunity to the whole team as long as her HP is above 80%. Bye bye, threat of Peking. Togi Node 5 grants her the ability to grant Charm Immunity to the whole Team without a cost. Bye bye, threat of Foie.

Miso Soup
Someone must have did the classification wrongly, because I am looking at a DPS unit. While having insane damage, he holds a contingency heal in case things go South. Furthermore, his Stun of 4.5 seconds while not being 100%, is only 0.5 seconds shorter than B-52.

While often used together with Sanma when you want to rely on his heal, he works alone too if you only want his DPS and Stun. Furthermore, being a R Food Soul he’s easy to ascend. If you don’t build Miso Soup on purpose, you better have a really good reason.

Known as the UR version of Miso Soup, Osechi has the same quirks of Miso Soup. Her basic skill is not a healing ability but dishes out damage while also lowering Def of enemy. However the damage scaling on her basic skill is not as drastic and powerful as Miso Soup. That is probably why it also comes with a Def lowering ability.

Her artifacts node 2 and 3 seem to work together to enable high frequency of critical and thus provide crazy energy regeneration. Need more testing to know this viability.

Do I always need a healer?

As you approach mid-game you’ll start to wean off healers and rely solely on healing talents instead, which are %-based instead of fixed amounts. Usually in story stages, this happens somewhere around Sakurajima, where the umbrella enemies hit so hard that the only way through is to build a good tank and CC / kill them faster than they can kill you. Miso Soup really helps here!

In Showdown, people tend to not use healers because all Food Souls’ HP is multiplied, so healing isn’t really effective. If you have one, it’s like holding a big sign saying “Hit me!” With the addition of the Artifact System, the only exception is Cloud Tea as she breaks the current meta.

In Catacombs, hardly anyone uses a healer past a certain point. This is because they enemies hit really hard. The way to do it at the higher levels is to rely on high stats on all Food Souls, a lot of CC and luck, and using the healing talents.

Closing words
That brings us to the end of the guide. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and I’d appreciate it if you would credit me should you wish to post this anywhere else ❤

IGN: roujo


  1. Is there a fallen angel guide for certain food souls/ recommended for healers, CCs, attack, defense?
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