Atk 130/
 Magic  Def 25/
Orange Goose  HP 640/
V17-Qian Kui (V17-钱坤)  Crit 1700/8343
-  Crit. Dmg 1500/7313
Aiba Aina  Atk Spd 1100/4600
Inugami Tanuki
Netherfire Guide Turducken's long needle flames up and flies toward the enemy, dealing 100% ATK as damage to the farthest enemy target, plus 71 extra damage. Also lowers the farthest enemy's energy by 15 and prevents the target from receiving healing, lasting 4s.
Pang of Nirvana Turducken spreads flaming wings and attacks, dealing 100% ATK as damage to the farthest enemy target, plus 377 extra damage. Also reduces the target's ATK by 20%, reduces their energy by 5 per second, and prevents the target from cleansing debuffs, lasting 8s.
- -

Turducken is a funeral director who owns a funeral hall named “Nirvana”. With a smile, she gladly decorates corpses, then sending them off while humming a joyful tune as they are cremated and buried. To her, death is but the first step to rebirth, thus she earnestly gives her blessings to the departed. However, due to her tall stature and cryptic position, often being seen wandering graveyards in her black dress, she is regularly mistakenly thought of as a dangerous Food Soul.
Turducken Dishes
United States Around the 18th century
Cryptic 172cm
Likes: - Dislikes: -
Neither life nor death can obstruct the desires of the soul.
Turducken is a popular local American delicacy with a distinct preparation. When the dish is prepared, a duck is first stuffed into a turkey's stomach. Thereafter, a chicken is then stuffed into this same duck's stomach. Lastly, add some mixed spices, sew the turkey's stomach and send it into the oven for roasting. Hence, this was where the name "turducken" came from. The dish is an essential delicacy during Thanksgiving day in America and Europe. Because people are able to savour the taste of 3 types of meat and their tastes concurrently, it has been idolized and loved by many.
[UR][Magic] Food Soul

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