Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken
 Atk 49/
 Magic  Def 18/
Baked Lobster  HP 342/
Xiu Yuan (修缘)  Crit 453/1831
-  Crit. Dmg 512/2119
Nogami Shou  Atk Spd 816/2966
Summon, Event (Snack Time!)
Bulimia Chappybara
Flames of Rage Fried Chicken begins to go berserk. He does 100% damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 50 extra damage.
Complete Incineration Fried Chicken plants his hands on the ground and the magic circle spins, dealing 100% damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 330 extra damage. At the same time, damage done to the enemy by basic attacks is increased by 15% for 5 seconds.
- -

A thoroughly sophomoric boy, he always confuses people when he talks, because he rambles and gets off topic. But if forced to make his point, he becomes shy. He's searching everywhere for ways to become stronger, so he can keep up with his attendant.
Fried Chicken Refreshments
China Present Day
Sophomore 168cm
Likes: Bamboo Rice Dislikes: -
Strong! Time to keep moving forward! I want to become even stronger! Until I'm equal to an Attendant.
Although Fried Chicken doesn't have a long history, since its inceptions, it's been continuously reinvented to changing times and market competition. As a result, here are now many different styles and a wide range of flavors. It's even given rise to groups of Friend Chicken aficionados.
[SR][Magic] Food Soul

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