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Soul Log – Croissant


Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Croissant Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity  Atk 131/ Type  Magic  Def 22/ Fav Food Laksa  HP 628/ CN VA Zhang Pei (张沛)  Crit 1321/6392 EN VA –  Crit. Dmg 1442/7016 JAP VA Maeda Seiji  Atk Spd 1423/6058 Availability Ranking Event Fallen Angels Aizen Amazake Basic Holy Praise Croissant deals 100% of […]


Angel Log – Leaf Ocean Queen

Name Leaf Ocean Queen Tribe Distant Seas Tribe Type Enhanced Height Unknown Threat Index ☆☆☆☆ Region Distant Seas Bio Leaf Ocean Queen is regarded as the nightmare of the deep sea. Besides her indiscriminate destruction of ships and devouring of humans and spirits alike, there are also rumors of her using the power of song […]


Angel Log – Inugami

Name Inugami Tribe Spirit Tribe Type Enhanced Height 169cm Threat Index ☆☆☆☆ Region Sakurajima Bio Inugami is a Fallen Angel living in Sakurajima that is worshiped by “humans”. It is wise and shows great leadership, using superior tactics. In most cases, Inugami avoids conflict but when it needs to, it will reign havoc on all […]


Angel Log – Aizen

Aizen is the type of Fallen Angel that can be extremely friendly or extremely dangerous. If you’re lucky, a drunk Aizen can be a man’s best friend.


Angel Log – Uke Mochi Enhanced

Very few people can claim to have seen it, because very few people have escaped its grasp alive. A dangerous foe.


Angel Log – Queen Conch

Queen Conch is a special type of Fallen Angel that inhabits the sea. Her most striking feature is the giant shell she sits on. Not only is it used to attack opponents, but she also uses it to protect herself.


Angel Log – Spectra

Nevras is a region filled with rich resources. Many explorers travel to Nevras in search of Magical Crystals. However, more often than not, a Fallen Angel known as Spectra will hunt these explorers in search of Magic Crystals. People say Spectra resembles a famous chef that once belonged to the Chef’s Guild.


Angel Log – Orochi

Semimaru (aka Orochi) was once part of the royal family of Sakurajima. When the fallen Angels took over, he searched for ways to take back his land. Attempting to take back his land he ran various power enhancing experiments on himself. These experiments ultimately led to his death and transformed him into a Fallen Angel.


Angel Log – Uke Mochi

Uke Mochi was born from the negative energy and evil dreams of mankind. It is one of the original Fallen Angels that first appeared on Tierra. Uke Mochi is a huge Fallen Angel with both agility and power that exists to consume and destroy everything in its path. If you encounter one in the wild, run! The locals claim that Uke Mochi has an even more horrific form! However, not many people have seen it… or lived to tell about it.


Angel Log – Thundaruda

Once a legendary bird from Palata, after being transformed into Fallen Angels, they began to form an ecology. Thundaruda are also female Fallen Angels. As the leader of the tribe, they are responsible for finding lairs and leading the tribe during migration. They prey on all species.


Angel Log – Tsuchigumo

Name Tsuchigumo Tribe Puppet Tribe Type Enhanced Height 729cm Threat Index ☆☆☆☆☆ Region Sakurajima Bio An Enhanced Fallen Angel that was made by piecing together the body of a Prajna. It is modeled after Orochi. Skills Bloody Fury Tsuchigumo enters a frenzied state, raising attack power and attack speed. Last Shot Tsuchigumo lashes out in […]