Angel Log – Thundaruda

Thundaruda Garuda Tribe
Enhanced 364cm
☆☆☆☆ Palata
Once a legendary bird from Palata, after being transformed into Fallen Angels, they began to form an ecology. Thundaruda are also female Fallen Angels. As the leader of the tribe, they are responsible for finding lairs and leading the tribe during migration. They prey on all species.
Dragon-swallowing Form While in Dragon-swallowing form, Thundaruda launches an indefensible attack on its enemies.

Becomes invincible and greatly increases its attack power. (Catacombs/Team Up)
Incineration Unleash and engulf enemies in wild flames.
Gale Strong winds are created when Thundaruda's wings are vigorously clamped, dealing massive damage to enemies.

Deals damage to the closest enemy and splash damage to 2 nearby enemies. (Catacombs/Team Up)
Lightning Grinder Activate lightning to attack enemies. A powerful attack causing massive damage.
Revive Recover 25% HP. (Catacombs/Team Up)
Thundaruda A 4 hours, 3 hours 40 minutes with Pack 10%, 15% with Pack
Thundaruda B 1 hours, 40 minutes with Pack 45%, 50% with Pack
[Enhanced] Fallen Angel

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