Angel Log – Queen Conch

Queen Conch Seafood Tribe
Enhanced 244cm
☆☆☆☆ Nevras
Queen Conch is a special type of Fallen Angel that inhabits the sea. Her most striking feature is the giant shell she sits on. Not only is it used to attack opponents, but she also uses it to protect herself.
Torpedo Throwing Queen Conch hurls her massive spiked shell at her enemies. Smash it and the shards will deal massive AoE damage to one random enemy, also with a probability of stun.
Spinner Bomb Queen Conch hurls her massive spiked shell at her enemies with unimaginable force. This creates a tidal wave of energy damaging all enemies.
Pound Press Careful not to get too close to Queen Conch; she'll slam her powerful shell on you without hesitation, dealing damage to all enemies and causing a long-lasting stun.
Queen Conch A 4 hours, 3 hours 40 minutes with Pack 10%, 15% with Pack
Queen Conch B 1 hours, 40 minutes with Pack 45%, 50% with Pack
[Enhanced] Fallen Angel

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