Angel Log – Orochi

Orochi Puppet Tribe
Enhanced 183cm
☆☆☆☆ Sakurajima
Semimaru (aka Orochi) was once part of the royal family of Sakurajima. When the fallen Angels took over, he searched for ways to take back his land. Attempting to take back his land he ran various power enhancing experiments on himself. These experiments ultimately led to his death and transformed him into a Fallen Angel.
Illusion Stare into Orochi's eyes and feel the pain of tormented souls. This charms your unit with the highest health, causing it to attack its teammates.
Exploding Puppet Without regard for his own life, Orochi hurls himself at enemies for the sake of his allies. This summons hordes of self-destructing puppets to charge your team and self-detonate, causing damage repeatedly.
Orochi A 4 hours, 3 hours 40 minutes with Pack 10%, 15% with Pack
Orochi B 1 hours, 40 minutes with Pack 45%, 50% with Pack
[Enhanced] Fallen Angel

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