Patrol Time

Event Duration: 23 Mar 2019 ~ 01 Apr 2019

Update: Calculations were adjusted according to our reward list which is different from CN server.

A storyline-type event that uses Action Points (AP) instead of Stamina. Event items are:

  • Heart Seal

  • Reason Seal

  • Notepad

  • Megaphone

The event key points and what you need to do are to go through the storyline, farm items, open the last chest, and farm more items to exchange for rewards. AP regenerates to 100 AP each day but will not regenerate if you had over 100 AP left. You can purchase 100 AP for 45 crystals to a maximum of 10 times each day.

Choices in each Storyline determine which chest you can open (You can only open one unless you reset the whole map, which isn’t worth the 240 Magic Crystals). You need to make all the correct choices, if not you have to spend 15 Crystals each to reset a choice.

You need 50x Heart Seal + 50x Reason Seal as well as 85 affection points to open a chest (All the 6 correct choices give a total of 90 affection points, so no room for error). In the final chest, you get 300x Spirit Embers, 30x Favourite Food Dishes and 75x Megaphone/Notepad depending on which chest you chose.

Storyline Choices

Jello Storyline: 3-2-3-1-1-2
Pudding Storyline: 1-1-1-3-2-3

Rewards List

  • 360x Notepad + 360x Megaphone = Jello Skin x1
  • 480x Heart Seal + 480x Reason Seal = Pudding Skin x1
  • 7x Heart Seal + 8x Reason Seal = Spirit Ember x30 (Max 10 times)
  • 9x Heart Seal + 6x Reason Seal = Spirit Reincarnator x1 (Max 40 times)
  • 18x Heart Seal + 4x Reason Seal = 100000 Gold x1 (Max 10 times)
  • 20x Reason Seal = Basic Seasoning x5 (Max 10 times)
  • 5x Heart Seal + 4x Reason Seal = Magic Crystal x10 (Max 20 times)
  • 30x Reason Seal = Stamina x100 (Max 2 times)


Table below is calculated after considering and fulfilling these:

  • Free 1000 AP from 10 days of event
  • 26 AP to clear story (No need to clear story if only want Pudding Skin but no access to sweeping)
  • 282 AP to open chest
What to getOpen chest AP neededRefills neededCrystals needed
Jello Skin11968AP20900 crystals
Pudding Skin01880AP19855 crystals
Jello + Pudding Skin14848AP492205 crystals

Tips on this event

  • There is no need to open chest if you are going for only Pudding Skin.
  • Open only 1 chest if you are going for Jello or both skins.
  • Make sure you deplete AP to 0 each day. If you only sweep the 3 AP stages, you will be left with 1 wasted AP.
  • You only can refill 10 times per day, remember to spread out your refills if you going for both skins.
  • Only the stamina reward is worth getting.

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