Drowning in Reality

“Yeah, i’m okay. 
My dream is surpassing the reality.
I’m living in a delusional mind. 
It’s okay, because you’re there.

I’m okay. 
I’m seeing you smiling. 
Isn’t it beautiful? 
Let it be eternal please.

In this wonderful dream, 
You’re with me, 
By my side and holding my broken heart. 
You’re the one who saved it.

In my illusion, 
I can see you. 
Standing and smiling like an angel, 
Shining and sparkling like a star.

The reality is a nightmare, 
Keep me in this dream. 
Don’t let me know, 
Don’t left me.

I’m broken inside, 
My heart, my mind, my dream, 
They’re all broken, 
So please, keep them lock far away from you.

If they approach you, 
They will wound you even more. 
And I’ll be stab too , 
‘Cause now you can’t be hurt anymore.

Can you be with me forever? 
Didn’t you say this? 
That’s why I don’t want to see the reality, 
Because you broke me and this promise.

My world is breaking in this dark ocean. 
My dream blocks me in a deep drowning. 
You gave me your hand and saved me. 
The reality won over the dream, 
And I lost you. “

— yuhiku.

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