Cream Wave

Event Duration: 30 Apr 2019 ~ 6 May 2019

An event where you get “Yellow Ducks” for sweeping stages (Normal or Hard). Yellow Ducks are special event items, a currency that you can exchange for various items, the big prize being an exclusive skin for Crepe.

Sweeping a stage has a 50% chance of giving 1 Yellow Ducks, and a 50% chance of giving 2 Yellow Ducks. As such, simply spending stamina will get you Yellow Ducks! However, if you want more Yellow Ducks to exchange for items, you’ll need to spend more stamina of your own!

Reward List

Disclaimer: This list is based on the CN server’s iteration of this event, and may be subject to change.

  • 50x Yellow Ducks = Evolution Stone x5 (Max 10 times)
  • 32x Yellow Ducks = Beginner Seasoning x5 (Max 10 times)
  • 100x Yellow Ducks = Gold x150,000 (Max 4 times)
  • 21x Yellow Ducks = Soul Ember x25 (Max 6 times)
  • 188x Yellow Ducks = Mirror Image x1 (Max 5 times)
  • 63x Yellow Ducks = Deluxe Bento x1 (Max 10 times)
  • 2250x Yellow Ducks = R Crepe Skin – Seaside Holiday x1


On average (individual luck may differ), every 3 Stamina spent would yield 1.5 Yellow Ducks (a 2:1 ratio).

Therefore, an average of 4500 Stamina would be needed to obtain Crepe’s Skin.

To obtain Crepe’s Skin, 150 Soul Embers and 5 Mirror Images, 3316 Yellow Ducks would be needed, or an average of 6632 Stamina.

To obtain all the items, 5166 Yellow Ducks would be needed, or an average of 10332 Stamina.

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