Lore – Canele

I. For The Love Of God

From the beginning of my birth, my Master Attendant told me.

I am a saint, a gift from God. 

In this turbulent era, in order to pass on the will of God, to exist in order to save the suffering people. 

God responded to his prayers and brought me to his side, bringing the will, the voice and the gift of God. 

God, mercy, and kindness in Master Attendant's people, like the same beam of light, will generally repel all darkness, embracing all the people who suffer in his warm embrace. I come from God and exist because of God's choice. Take away the pain and bring light to them. 

Our town is a place that is not prosperous, but it is exceptionally calm. 

Without the turmoil of the outside world, the villagers are mostly kind, and we are self-sufficient in our own labor. 

We pray to our God devoutly and humbly pray for peace. 

And our great God has mercifully blessed our little land. 

We have plenty of sunshine, rain, and a mild and suitable environment that allows us to settle in this land with peace of mind. 

The beautiful song of birds in the morning, the little fish at the bottom of streams, the lovely creatures in the mountains and forests, all of which come from God's gift. All we need to do is pray, and we can easily get enough for our rich life. 

Master Attendant exhausted his life savings and built this church, which might be a little crude for God. 

But our loving God did not reject our prayers. 

He will follow God's will to help everyone who comes to ask for help, and guide the lost lambs back to the path of light. 

His words and deeds are faithful to God's teachings. He is God's most devout believer and God's most loyal agent. 

I was born in the world because of the gift of God. I stood before the image of one thousandth of the love that could not be traced in the eyes of God. I pleaded God to agree with my little request.

God, I will always dedicate my most devout faith as a offering, and pray that you can look at me with your eyes. 

Even if it is a small moment, I pray that you will listen to my most sincere call, so that I can guard God and guard the town.

II. Saint

Thanks to God's blessing, Master Attendant has lived to an age that was long enough for human beings.

With a smile, he was taken back by God. 

God's side will no longer have suffering and sickness. Master Attendant will henceforth serve God's right and left without any trouble. 

The only concern before he left was this small church. 

Even though it's not eye-catching, with the statues being a bit rudimentary, it is the only place in the town where people can listen to the voice of God. They are the ones who can seek a bright light when they are lost. 

He handed this little church to me. I held the bronze key in my hand tightly, and I looked at the Master Attendant who had left safely. I made a promise to God in my heart. 

I will do everything I can to protect and sing the faiths of my heart. 

Because I am not a human being born of God, I will not grow old like human beings. I will praise God's mercy, praise his gifts, and guard this faith which is never allowed to be defiled. 

From spring to winter, the toddlers in the town grow up, go to school, work, get married, and grow old. 

I follow God's will to appease the wounded body with the power of God, and sing praises of God to soothe the wounded soul. 

The clear bells echoed in the church, washing away the inner sins and fatigue, and the ethereal hymns appease the fragile soul. 

Gradually, because only the spirit that will appear before me when I sing has the power to heal people's wounds, and because I will not grow old, I am called a saint by the people of the town. 

Great God, please forgive me for this little joy in my heart. 

This title seems to have enabled me to take a little step closer to you. Forgive me for not stopping them from addressing me so selfishly. 

I will work harder.

III. Anger

When there are no ceremonies in the church, I like to walk around town.

Sunny weather is the best time to walk. Close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze. Slow down your breathing. When you integrate yourself into the world, you will feel how kind God is.

With a touch of grassy aroma, the neighbors’ cordial greetings, the street vendors’ enthusiastic barking, the laughing and joking children, and the yawning cats on the street corners.  

All of this is given by God. 

Suddenly, a melodious song that was sweet and different from the hymn came from a familiar street. 

I slowly opened my eyes and followed the song. 

A man in a robe sat with a group of children with a bright sunny smile. There were several white pigeons beside him who were also attracted by his singing. His hair under the sunshine seemed to be coated with gold. 

His voice is very pleasant, like a spring breeze, gentle and smiling. 

I believe that no matter how noisy the child is, he can gradually quiet them down under his song. 

He was surrounded by a group of children, and even the busy adults not far away looked sideways at him from time to time. 

Different from the sacredness of the hymn, he can make people feel the countless scenery he has walked through from his singing. 

The cold winds on the snowy plain, sometimes magnificent and sometimes calm as a mirror of the sea, and endless wheat fields. 

Following his song seemed like he can travel all over the places of the land and see the beautiful scenery that he has never seen before. 

"Brother, brother, you have been to many places. Can you tell us what the other places are like? I haven't been out of town yet!" 

After the song was finished, the quiet children gradually recovered their usual liveliness. The daring boy grabbed the man's clothes and looked up at the man who laughed gently. 

The man touched his chin and meditated for a while, then patted the child on the top of his head. 

"Okay, let me tell a story about the rain." As the story progresses, the story from the man's mouth becomes more and more absurd. 

How could there be other gods in this world? 

Everything about us! It was brought by our great Father and God! 

But it's all absurd delusions! How dare we call ourselves God! 

"Stop your nonsense. Our God is always merciful. How could it be possible for a small argument to send tens of thousands of people to die in the devastating floods?" 

I went into the crowd and glared at the man who had denigrated God's prestige, but his eyes were still clear and unshaken. 

He looked up at me, reflecting in his clear pupils my face twisted by anger, and his expression was apologetic, but without regret. 

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that in front of you. " 

"...Your God does not exist...It doesn't exist!" 

"Hey, don't get angry. It's just a legend." 

"You're such a person... How can a man like you understand how kind God is, that he is our only God! You are that kind of person! You'll be punished!" 

I don't remember how I got back to church. I just remember how sorry the man was for annoying me. 

He quickly left after apologizing to me, while I was still immature at that time, but I was still muddled by his story.

IV. The Meaning Of Gift

I know that man is still in the town, because there are some words that shouldn't have appeared in the mouths of children who had only prayed to our Father and God.

They no longer appreciate God's reward. They no longer believe that Father is the only faith.

They turned their backs on the gods, and they betrayed the Father who gave them light. 

God, I ask you to let these people know who is giving them such a peaceful life, and who they should believe in. 

The horrific tragedy that followed, for me at that time, was like the punishment that the Father sent to them after their wrath.  

The rich and fertile land splitted into a huge gap from the center of the town, swallowing the existence of life like a monster with a large opening in hell.  

Buildings that collapsed because of the huge turbulence, along with the tongues of fire from the overturned stoves, engulfed the people who had not been able to escape. 

The tragic screams and cries for help came from every corner of the town, and in every direction there were countless lambs who fell into the darkness and needed to be saved. 

Standing in the center of the town, I watched in horror as the collapsed buildings swallowed up the children I was running to. Faced with the town that suddenly turned into ruins, all the townspeople put their hands together and prayed terribly to God and Father for forgiveness and prayed that God and Father would stop the terrible disaster. 

I hugged my head and cried, asking for the care of Father, praying for his forgiveness, and praying for the retraction of what I had said before as a curse. 

However, it was another hand that pulled me up from the ground. 

The intense pain on my face made me wake up. I covered my painful and feverish cheek and looked at the man who frowned. 

"There will be time to pray after you save people!"  

"This is God's punishment... No one will be saved. Everyone's going to die. It's a punishment... It's all my fault... It's all my fault... " 

"Wake up! Isn't your God merciful? It can't be the disaster he gave! Think about it for me! He gives you strength! What on earth is it used for? Now only you can save those people!" 

The brain, which had been chaotic because of the tragic situation, became gradually clear. Even at this time, my palms were still shaking slightly, and my eyes were still a little swelled. 

"... Yes... Now... Only me... Only then can we save everyone... " 

Thank God for his power. 

But at the same time, thanking him for extending his hand to me in the dark vortex and for letting me understand the meaning of the power that God has given me. 

Like chanting in the church, under the brilliant power to bring out the light, the strength in the body was gradually pulled away and cleaned, shaking to falling down, but didn't touch the mottled land again. I was caught by the man and leaned on him. 

"Look, isn't this done?" 

I looked up at the man who was gray-faced because he helped the townspeople. His face was as bright as I had ever seen it.

V. Canele

A long time ago, there was a self-sufficient town.

The location of the town is very good, with fertile land, plenty of rain, and a warm and suitable climate. 

The townspeople didn't need to use too much labor to acquire enough assets for their well-off life. 

Their biggest festival of the year is to pray to their Father for good weather in the coming year. 

There is also a devout priest in the town. The priest is sincere and gentle. He will meet every one of the townspeople who come to pray and will solve their doubts. The priest firmly believes that their benevolent gods will protect their small town. 

Perhaps it was true that one day, the devout priest touched his god, and a spirit like a saint was summoned by him. 

Canele, who has the appearance and the voice of a pure soul like a saint. Her singing is enough to wash away all sins. Her singing can make any sin invisible. 

Canele, who was sent to the priest by the gods, was able to use a special force when she sang. This power can heal the wounds and even save the dying when they reached their limit. 

The priest regarded her as a gift from the gods, and he gave his church to her after his death. 

But Canele did not live up to her name as a saint, and her pious faith worshiped the gods in their hearts. 

However, after a small dispute, the natural disaster left the villagers who were used to praying at a loss, and this natural disaster became the reason why Canele was regarded as a saint by the world. 

A town that was so tragic that all the buildings collapsed, even under her singing, only a few people were injured, and those who were seriously injured also stopped bleeding in time to save their lives. 

"Oh, my lady!" 

Beer, with his gentle voice and beaming expression, stood at the entrance of the town that was being gradually rebuilt, and raised his hand to wave at Canele, who was telling stories to the children. 

"Mr. Beer, long time no see."

Canele put down her storybook and coaxed the children who were still pestering her to listen to the story back home, and she went to Beer.

"Yeah, I'm here again. What story are you telling them?"

"What you told them before, the story that hasn't been finished yet. At that time, I interrupted this story, and I should make up for it. "

" ....Ok. " 

"Why did you come to me all of a sudden? What about the boy who has been following you all the time?" 

"... I didn't know why he was angry with me. I came to find him and happened to pass by you and see if everything was all right for you. " 

"What kind of world have you seen this time?" 

"... Ah... That's why I came to talk to you. Oyster, that child.... " 

Beer didn't care about her problem. 

"This is a matter between you. It is a test that God has given you. It shouldn't be told by other people." 

"Ah... What should I do then?" 

Beer watched Canele walk away in light footsteps and grabbed her hair that got messy as she ran. 

Beer, who was traveling all over the world may never know that the person who made Canele stop blindly believing in the gods but further strengthen her beliefs, was the one who hadn't found anything about his belief.  

The man who always laughed hilariously told her with his own actions. 

Her god, who kindly gave her strength, did not allow her to pray. 

He is her only god, and doesn't need to worry about other people's beliefs. In her mind, he was the only belief. 

In the end, she will always be proud of her God she believes in and appreciate his gift.


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