Lore – Caviar

Caviar's Story Part 1

I am someone who is blessed by the void god.

Ever since I was born, my right eye has been blessed by the mighty void god. Even though it can't view things normally, it allows me to see certain scenes. Most visions are extremely sad and depressing, enveloping me in a darkness that I couldn’t break free from.

I used to think it was a curse.

When I told the others about this ability, none of them believed me. All except for one person.

"It’s true! I swear by the power sealed in my right eye! In another world, you got injured after you went out! So don't go!"

"…yeah, yeah, I'm sure you're right. But before that, do you mind letting go of my sleeve first? I have to head out to get the ingredients for dinner. Master Caviar, didn’t you say that you wanted a strawberry milkshake yesterday? "

"I'm really not kidding."

"…Right, you see it in a parallel world?"


"Oh… master Caviar, you are so cute."

"What’s wrong?"
I can never understand their smiles.

"Ah, store manager! Master caviar is talking about parallel worlds again. He said that something bad will happen to me if I stepped out of this place."

"Well… then don't go out today. Let’s have curry rice, how does that sound?"

He suddenly appeared and seemed to give it a thought while looking at me. Nonetheless, the comment was stated in a lighthearted manner.

No matter how absurd my words may sound, my Master Attendant would always believe me.

He was the one who saved me from that heavy despair.

He once told me "Is that so! You should thank your right eye! It’s not cursed, but blessed. With it, you can prevent bad things from happening to the people you love, isn't it?"

The rest do not believe that I have such an ability, but I would still like to thank the almighty void god for granting me this special ability.

Even though the others do not understand it, and often misunderstand it… As long as I can use it to protect the people I love, that’s good enough.

My ability exists to protect the people who are important to me.

It doesn’t matter if it is misunderstood by others.

I only hope that the terrible scenes in my right eye will never appear in this world for the left eye to see.

Caviar's Story Part 2

He, who was always laughing and trying to remove my eyepatch, collapsed in front of me in the midst of all the chaos.

Blood flowed from his mouth. My hands reached out towards him in a panic and held him.

As I looked at him lying there in my arms, those eyes which used to break up the darkness with its warmth, had already lost its brilliance.

I jolted awake.

The slight coolness on my forehead and back made me realize that it was all just a dream.

This scene has never appeared in my right eye before.

Every night when I sleep, my soul would be able to leave my body and enter a parallel world, allowing me to view certain scenarios through my right eye.

My hands still felt clammy. The darkness was like a beast eating away at my courage, but I cannot let this happen no matter what. I have to stop it from happening before my left eye.
Because he… is the most important person to me.

I tried to go back to sleep again, praying that the almighty void god would provide me with more information. Regardless of how small the detail was.. I have to save him, I have to protect him.

Oh almighty void god, thank you for letting us meet. Your fervent follower would like to ask a favor from you.. please show me a way to save him.

Every single time I tried, I was rudely awaken from sleep.
Every single time, he collapsed in front of me without fail.

But this time, I saw someone else.

A man in a Kariginu (Clothes worn in Japanese Hei’an period to signify nobility) with a mask.
Upon closer look, there was a white girl next to him.
I couldn’t make out the details of their faces, but I’ve committed them to memory.

The continuous search throughout the night has consumed too much of my energy. Nonetheless, I forced myself to get up to warn him against a man in a Kariginu and a white girl.

But when I found him, a chill ran down my spine.

She's here.

"Caviar! Look! This is our new partner! Her name is Milt, the white child. What an endearing name! You are her senior, so you have to take care of her ok?"

Master attendant was waving happily to me while he said that.

He has always been like this, bringing homeless food souls back to his restaurant and helping them to settle down. Like a beam of sunshine, he saved me from the dark world within my right eye.

No, I can't tell him now. It will alert her. I shall keep an eye on her and expose her when she lets her guard down.

Moreover, I am more concerned with last night's dream…

She was crying…

Caviar's Story Part 3

She is a strange girl.

Unlike other girls, she doesn't like colorful clothes. She's always wearing her white one. She also doesn't like to eat desserts, nor does she pester Master Attendant over the latest picture book.

When the others approached her in an attempt to play together, she would always give her signature smile and look at them with a malicious expression until they ran away in fear. After which, she would return to her usual spot.

Other than the times when my Master Attendant was with her, she is always stay alone.

I've often seen her cupping her chin while gazing into the far distance quietly. Nobody knows what's going on in her head.

Besides playing with her charms, her only hobby seems to be caring for the flowers and plants. My master is not very good at it and usually left them to be in a 'more dead than alive' state. The flowers and plants in the yard that had initially withered away, began blossoming beautifully under her care.

In that moment, she didn't had one of her mysterious smiles. Under the sunlight, the smile was sweet and very pleasant to look at.

I couldn't believe that the girl with such a nice smile, who was so patient with flowers and plants, would do such a terrible thing.


That day, Master Attendant got attacked by a fallen angel when he went out. He said that he was just going out on a short trip to get some spices, so there was no need for us to accompany him.
Fortunately, it was a drunk Aizen who attacked him. He was heavily intoxicated, so my witty master told him that he would bring him a better liquor and successfully escaped.

Although he always spoke in a carefree manner, hearing those words made us feel uneasy. Everyone was worried about him. I blamed myself too, for being too absorbed with Milt and failing to protect him as a result.

But Milt, who stood slightly away from the crowd, caught my attention. Her facial expression was one of regret and self-blame. It lasted for a fleeting moment before she turned away and left the room.

She left… to do something?

I soon found out what she did. The bowl of porridge that she carried out had an unnatural color to it, mixed with shades of purple and green. It was even emitting an awful smell.

She brought the bowl closer and lifted a spoon towards a frightened Master Attendant.

"I've added an extra ingredient for you, be sure to eat it well! Then you'll be able to play with me again~"

At that moment, she had a really scary expression on her face and I didn't dare to attempt to save my poor master as he protested miserably.

I don't know why, but I believed that the girl who had shown such a self-blaming expression earlier, will never hurt my master.

It was definitely not because I was afraid of getting close to her.

Caviar's Story Part 4

To everyone's surprise, the porridge that Milt had prepared gave unexpectedly good results despite its terrible appearance and smell.

An injury that should have taken a month to recover, now needed less than a week. My master looked almost well again.

I began doubting the visions that I had seen in my right eye, so I decided to revisit it for a closer look.

That night, I sought the help of the void god once again. But the scenes remained the same, the ending has not changed.

The body in my arms was still warm. I tried to calm myself down so that I could take in more of the scene. Even the smallest details may be my chance to save him.

I saw Milt walk towards the man in Kariginu. He raised a hand to touch her hair. “Milt, you’ve done well. If it wasn’t for the information you’ve given us, we wouldn’t have been able to grab this opportunity.”

“Sir.. didn’t you say.. no… no…”

“Hmm? What are you saying, Milt?”

“No… It’s nothing…”

I jerked awake again.
Why? It’s really her… but she.. No, I have to confront her about this.

I didn’t even bother putting on my shoes and ran to the small yard, but she wasn’t there. I suddenly remembered that she has been staying up late recently to cook that special porridge of hers, and immediately headed for the kitchen.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Milt bit onto her own sleeve as she numbly cut a piece of her own flesh from the back of her hand and place it into the porridge.

I had a flashback to her words from that day. So the additional ingredient… is her own flesh and blood…

I accidentally bumped into something behind me and the noise alarmed her. She wore a vigilant expression that had never been there before.

“Who’s there! Come out!”

I had no choice but to reveal myself. Looking at Milt who had dropped her usual façade, I spoke in a calm manner that surprised even myself. “So, this is the secret recipe you were talking about?”

As expected, the comment hit home. Anger replaced her wary look.

"This has nothing to do with you! Don't poke your nose into my affairs!"

"Then I shall tell Master Attendant about this."

"You… You must not!"

"Unless you tell me who is the masked man in Kariginu."

"How do you even know about that!"

Caviar's Story Part 5

Caviar is a very strange food soul. In the eyes of the other food souls, he is a child who has not grown up. Even the youngest food souls were long past the stage of wishful thinking. They laughed at Caviar because he is so different from them, always calling 'void god' as god of the world.

According to him, his eyepatch is a seal and he is able to see visions from a parallel world through his sealed right eye. But only silly people like his master attendant would believe that.

Nonetheless, everyone likes him very much. Although he doesn't speak much and doesn't seem to understand the ways of the world, often giving baffling comments, everyone could feel his concern for others. Hence, they would smile and converse with him politely.

Even though Caviar has an odd character, he is always trying his best to be kind to everyone.

He would always help the others, even if they didn’t ask for his help. When they thanked him, he would shyly hide his reddened face behind his scarf.

Everybody loves a boy like this.
In fact, Caviar doesn’t realize that he is very popular among girls despite his gloomy outlook.

However, ever since the food soul named Milt arrived, Caviar was no longer lost in his own world and became unexpectedly serious. Perpetually furrowed eyebrows took the place of his shy smile.

Perhaps he didn’t notice it, but everyone else could tell that he had an unprecedented attention towards the girl called Milt.

Ever since the day his Master Attendant got injured from the solo trip, Caviar began following Milt around. Milt seemed frustrated and helpless at the same time.

“Why do you help him?”

“Because I want to.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Please mind your own business”

“If it hurts, you have to tell me! How can I help you if you won’t tell me?”

“I don’t need your help!”

“Don’t help him then!”

“… please just let me be…”

“No! You have to tell me! Or else I will tell the rest about it!”


The white-haired girl who scared people away in the past, gave the boy in black a look that nobody else had ever seen before.

Master Attendant elbowed a waiter near him, not realizing that he was the root of the problem. “Hey, don’t you think those two complement each other? One white, one black. Even their personalities are kind of similar. I have never seen Milt like this… Whoa whoa whoa!! I take my words back! Please don’t destroy my shop! Milt, please stop! Caviar, please stop her!”


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