Lore ⁠- Eggnog

I. A Girl's Thoughts

Strictly speaking, I am not a guy who knows how to please girls.

But compared to my Master Attendant, I am gentler and more considerate.  

At least I wouldn’t tell a girl that I don’t accept bribes when she sends a gift which had been prepared with love. 

Girls are cute and sensitive, they need to be cared for like a delicate flower.  

And their sincere smiles are the best reward for me. 

Master Attendant is not exactly talented when it comes to communicating with others. 

But in the officialdom, communication plays an indispensable role. 

Fortunately, he is the only son of the King's elder brother, or else his tactless words may have already cost him his life. 

And my appearance may have been God’s way of trying to stop him from plunging himself to his death. 

Ever since I politely refused some officials’ invitations on his behalf one time, he started handing over all the diplomatic work to me. 

I dislike the boring written work.  

I tend to show partiality for the women who have made mistakes, but I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t harsh and impartial like my Master Attendant. 

Our characters are completely different, but we complement each other. This makes us good friends and comrades. 

Nonetheless, the two of us are not always so harmonious. 

In other words, other than work-related stuffs, we are not always in tune with each other. 

He doesn't quite understand the ways through which I interact with girls.  

I can’t really comprehend his habit of being too rigid with life either. 

If we were to talk about the biggest contradiction between the two of us, it was an incident involving a girl. 

She was an ordinary girl who had opened a small flower shop near Master Attendant’s residential area.

She may not be the most beautiful woman in the entire city, but she has a warm smile.  

The only downside may be that she was a little slow. 

It’s not surprising that Master Attendant would fall for such a girl.  

Every time I caught him staring at the girl holding the watering can in front of the flower shop, I could not help but tease him.  

The girl was very talkative. I visited her flower shop several times while pretending to be buying flowers, and soon became friends with her. Sometimes, I would even drag the unwilling Master Attendant along with me.  

We grew closer to the girl as time went by, and Master Attendant finally took the courage to buy a bunch of flowers for the girl.  

Just as he was trying to confess to her, the girl took two boxes of chocolates out from a side drawer and handed them to him. 

”It’s great that you’re here! I couldn’t send you both chocolates during Valentine’s Day, but now I can give them to you! This is yours, the other is for Eggnog."  

I stared at the heart-shaped chocolate that belonged to me, followed by the common animal-shaped chocolate in the hands of Master Attendant. I gazed at the ceiling and tried to recall if any of my friends had recently invited me for a stayover.  

I probably wouldn’t be able to stay at our current place for a while.

II. Little King

In order to avoid the limelight, I came to stay at the palace.

The little owner of the palace was a much beloved cousin of Master Attendant, and the little fellow had a Food Soul by his side.  

Unlike my Master Attendant and I, the little guy is very similar to his Food Soul.  

I do not mean similarities in terms of appearances.  

Both of them have the same personality. 

The same stubbornness, the same arrogance. 

Even their attitudes towards certain things were almost identical. 

It was totally different from the way Master Attendant and I interacted with each other. These two rely on each other and grow together.  

But Turkey is livelier than his Master Attendant, and this makes things a lot more fun.  

Not long after I was summoned, I saw Turkey for the first time. 

Master Attendant had brought me to see the King, who was still in good health then. 

His Majesty had some private family matters to discuss with Master Attendant, so I went to the garden alone and chatted with the maids who brought me tea. 

A white puppy suddenly jumped up onto my leg and barrelled straight into my arms. Two little boys sprang out from the left and right bushes.   

"Hurry! Catch him!''  

I looked up and could not help laughing at Turkey, whose head was still covered with branches and leaves.

"You, who are you! What are you laughing at! Don't laugh!"  

The first encounter between me and Turkey was so funny.  

Looking at Turkey and the little Prince's flushed faces, I couldn't help but burst out laughing while holding onto the table for support.  

"You, you rude fellow! Don't laugh! Don't laugh!"  

Turkey was furious. His Master Attendant gave a small cough and tried to act like an adult but the leaves and branches on his head betrayed him. 

I could barely hold back my smile and reached out to ruffle his hair. It was just as soft as I thought.  

"Well, I'm sorry to be rude, little Prince.'' 

Looking at Turkey with his hands on his hips and his little chin tilted upwards, blushing but reluctant to admit defeat, I suddenly felt that the boring palace might be a little more interesting than I previously imagined.

III. Alienation

During my time at the palace, I would occasionally tease the two new generation of Kings in order to relax their tight nerves.

The rest of the time was spent chatting with beautiful maids and enjoying the flowers, and occasionally returning to the house to check if Master Attendant has cooled down after the incident with the girl.  

The day I finally got an invitation to go home, I was intending to look for Turkey and the little Prince to bid them goodbye. 

While I was on my way, I noticed a Food Soul that I have never seen before, slowly approaching Turkey step by step.  

He exudes an unpleasant aura and a huge sense of oppression. 

Seeing that Turkey was about to fall over, I stood behind him and blocked his retreat. 

This fellow has already been bullied by me for a rather long time. How can I let him be bullied by others again?  

Turkey, who was shocked by the Food Soul, seemed to come around to his senses when he bumped into me. His face, which had turned white with nervousness, gradually recovered its healthy colour.  

The guy shot me a taunting look and the creepy feeling made it hard to maintain a smile. 

That was nothing more than a small episode.

But it is the beginning of everything that followed after.

After that day, Master Attendant and I no longer saw the two Kings, and the power to command the guards was gradually transferred from my Master Attendant to the Countess.  

The Countess was the Master Attendant of the Food Soul I had seen in the palace that day.  

Later I learned that the name of the Food Soul was Bloody Mary. 

Ever since the weakening of our powers, those who once complimented Master Attendant began revealing their true colours and were never seen again. 

Master Attendant and I requested to meet the little Prince and Turkey many times, but they were all rejected.  

Once again, the guards marched us out of the palace where we could previously enter without any impediment. Gazing up at the high walls surrounding the palace, I felt anger building up in me for the first time.  

We are friends, aren't we?

Why didn’t you ask us directly when you had doubts? Or did you not trust us to tell you the truth?  

Master Attendant and I no longer tried to meet the little Prince. In a fit of pique, we stopped thinking about those annoying issues. 

As a nobleman, Master Attendant has a lot of assets which is enough for us to live a prosperous life. 

Being surrounded with lovely girls every day, I thought I could forget about them and the palace.  

It was only until the girls’ disappearance that I realized that I was deceiving myself. 

The girls who were smiling so sweetly at me just yesterday, were nowhere to be found today.  

More girls vanished, and the parties were also becoming less frequent due to their disappearance. 

If the guards were still under Master Attendant’s control, they would definitely have taken action at this point in time.  

We wanted to know the truth behind the disappearance, but there were insufficient knights to spare for the task.  

Fortunately, one of the knights serving Master Attendant managed to investigate the matter through other means. The results were unexpected, but it did not surprise us.  

Why hasn’t the garrison done anything so far? 

The Countess was the leader of the Imperial City garrison, so there were only two possibilities. Either the Countess has no idea what’s happening… or she is the culprit. 

If that was the case, they would be dealing with the person who controls almost the entire garrison… Wouldn’t that put them at a disadvantage?  

After a night of discussion with Master Attendant, we developed a simple and straightforward plan that required our complete trust in the little Prince and Turkey.

IV. Plan

What I didn't expect was that the little Prince and Turkey, whom we thought will require some time to think about it, chose to believe us immediately.

Soon, the plan was carried out accordingly.  

News of me breaking into the study with the ‘intent to assassinate’ spread quickly throughout the kingdom, and the Countess even handed over evidences of Master Attendant’s ‘intention to rebel’ over to the little Prince. 

Just like that, Master Attendant and I were out of the picture. 

Animals who have lost their natural enemies will soon forget how to disguise themselves. 

Soon the Countess, who had gotten rid of all the obstacles standing in her way, started revealing her true colours.  

With each passing day, the girls disappeared mysteriously from the parties one by one. 

As expected, the knight working for Master Attendant managed to catch the Countess in the act.  

I gazed at the castle in which I had set foot on countless times and suddenly felt a chill.  

Figures that I once knew were dug out from the bottom of the beautiful garden. Some of the girls were still in the dresses I had last seen them in and their pale faces were frozen in horror.  

I stood at the entrance to the garden and mourned for these unfortunate beautiful flowers. 

The soldiers surrounded every floor of the castle, and many people who had lost their loved ones and daughters surrounded the entrance to the castle. 

Back in the castle, suppressed sobs drifted from the room. Although the little Prince had chosen to trust us, he still had a hard time believing that she was the culprit. The Countess had always been a motherly figure to him, always gentle with him. 

I left him alone, knowing that they will probably blame themselves later.  

But they have more important things to do, and the struggle for various powers after the Countess’s death will be more than what they can handle. As a reward for their trust, I will settle these things for them. 

I found someone who can solve the problem.

He was a very arrogant guy, but his arrogance stemmed from his capabilities and he had every right to be arrogant. 

I'm not a qualified guide. I can't teach the two little guys how to be Kings. 

But I believe that the King who is born for the throne will certainly be able to.  

It took me a great amount of effort to get into that fellow's current residence. 

"Well, what good will it do to me if I teach them to pick themselves up like you suggested?"

Champagne looked at me amusedly. He was finally interested in what I had said.

"We will be the best form of barrier protecting your country from invasion by potential enemies, and you will get a long-term loyal ally. I think these two points should be more than enough. But even if it's not enough, I can't come up with anything else that will be valuable to you. "  

Faced with such a guy, I chose to be honest. Under the seemingly relaxed surface, only I knew that my back was sweaty from being so nervous. 

"Ha ha ha, I like you guys! Yes, that's enough for me to meet the two little devils. But I still think it's a bit of a loss for me to be the life mentor of two little kids. Well, let’s just say you owe me a favour. How’s that? " 

"...and...eh? What? Just… just like that?" 

"So we have a deal?"  


As a King, Champagne must have known that entering the palace in his position will act as a deterrent to others who are eyeing the throne. He must have also known that my visit was more than a mere request for him to mentor two young Kings. 

Just owing him a favour… It seems to be short-changing him. 

"Don't think too much about it. I wouldn’t ask you to commit any serious crimes. I just admire you a lot."

V. Eggnog

Although Eggnog always says that he is just more considerate than others, it did not stop him from becoming the most popular male in the entire city.

Thoughtful, gentle, understanding and a handsome face. These are enough reasons for Eggnog to be the target of all women.  

Sometimes a woman's love is as simple as that. There was no need for other reasons. 

Yet, his Master Attendant is very different from him. Although he is handsome, the serious expression on his face was enough to frighten girls away.  

Although the girls who were rescued by him were fascinated with him, the small gifts that were presented to him were always harshly rejected on the grounds of bribery. Therefore, girls who liked him chose to do so in secret. 

Eggnog was once driven out of the house because a girl that Master Attendant liked had gifted him heart-shaped chocolates. But notwithstanding little mistakes like that, Eggnog has been helping him with diplomatic work and days in the kingdom has been rather fulfilling. 

Besides chatting with the girls, he also loves to tease Turkey. 

Turkey is not very powerful, but he is a hard-working guy with a strong sense of pride.  

So there is always a certain sense of satisfaction whenever Eggnog manages to tease him till he was red in the face.  

When he was repeatedly denied entry into the palace, Eggnog admitted that he was furious with Turkey and his Master Attendant. 

But when the girls disappeared one after another and they learned about the recent situation in the royal city, Eggnog and his Master Attendant were still instantly worried about the little Prince and Turkey. 

Within a short period of time, they had come up with a bold plan. 

The plan involved fully entrusting their safety to Turkey and the little Prince. Their plan worked in the end. 

With Champagne’s intervention, the two Kings who were depressed by the Countess’s betrayal soon recovered and the foolish aristocrats also stopped eyeing the throne.

Eggnog never told the little Prince and Turkey about what he had done for them.  

The little Prince and Turkey did not disappoint him, and the two Kings grew a lot after learning from their setbacks. 

As the end of the whole thing, there was something that made Eggnog extremely delighted. The little girl in the flower shop finally recognized her true love. 

Eggnog was glad that his Master Attendant did not say anything damaging when he rescued the beloved girl from the dark basement. 

The Countess knew of the close relationship between the girl and Master Attendant. As a form of revenge, she had pretended to order a flower delivery to lure the girl into the palace. She was then subsequently locked in the basement as an ‘extra reserve’. 

The girl was thankful towards Master Attendant for rescuing her, but what truly touched her heart were the moments during her recovery when Master Attendant cared for her in his clumsy but sincere ways. 

The bowl of bland porridge didn’t manage to satisfy her stomach, but it filled the girl’s heart with so much warmth. 

Master Attendant wasn’t aware that Eggnog had silently witnessed the countless explosions in the kitchen.  

He stood at his Master Attendant's wedding and was on the verge of shedding happy tears.  

If he was asked on what he thought was a bigger challenge – helping his Master Attendant find his true love, or helping Turkey govern the country; he would certainly pick his Master Attendant. 


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