Where Are The Easter Eggs?

Event Duration: 9 Apr 2019 ~ 16 Apr 2019

A delivery event to exchange for Double Scoop’sDouble Rabbit Trick” skin.

Reward list

● Heart Lamp x400 -> Double Rabbit Trick
● Easter Egg x5 -> Heart Lamp x1 (Max 999 times)
● Skin Voucher x5 -> Heart Lamp x1 (Max 999 times)

Easter Eggs are obtained by sending out deliveries. They can also be bought in the shop: 100x Crystals -> 20 Easter Eggs (equal to 4 Heart Lamps) (Max 5 times per day).

You can also spend real money to buy packs containing Heart Lamps and Skin Vouchers. Each pack includes Heart Lamp x20, Skin Vouchers x15 with a limit of 3 purchases per day. Each pack effectively includes 23 Heart Lamps, which means 18 packs can guarantee you the skin.

In total, 2000 Skin Vouchers/Easter Eggs are required to obtain the skin.

Hopefully you’ve saved a lot of Skin Vouchers, because this skin is pretty darn expensive.

Click here for the source in Chinese.


    • Unfortunately, we don’t know. However, it is unlikely that Heart Lamps will be used for any other event anyway.

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