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New summon event, new anger issues. Apparently, even though we look forward to them, we hate them when they eventually come?


The topic here is the summon event: Memories Revisited. More specifically, we will be analysing reasons why you might want to pull in this event, who you should choose, and whether it’s even worth it.*

*Disclaimer: If you simply want them for collection, then you only need to read the section: “Is this summon event even worth it?”.

Let it be known that this event is not cheap. You can’t guarantee the UR of your choice if you don’t have at least 15k embers, and those with crystals/money to spare will find that any embers past their first 15k are moot, and that they must spend crystals to continue summoning after they’ve used those 15k embers.

Is this summon event even worth it?

Not worth your crystals, at least. Turkey has arrived, and you’d likely be better off focusing your attention on him instead. If you’ve got embers to spare, or a lot of money? Well then, continue on!

Alternatively, if you’re interested in the rewards that you can get from summoning during this period of time, feel free to spend embers in pursuit of the item(s) of your choice!

Event Analysis

This event forces you to choose between two event-exclusive UR souls: the “new” glass cannon Huangshan Maofeng Tea, and the slightly more familiar invincible wall Caviar.

To choose your UR, you must first spend 50k gold. You can reset the pool any time you want, but you are forced to do so after your 100th pull in the pool, following which you must pay the entry fee to summon again.

Both URs have a 1.20% summon rate in their respective pools. Fondant Cake is also in both pools, with a 0.58% summon rate.

Their corresponding SR “partners” are also featured with a 0.57% summon rate. Maofeng’s featured SR is Osmanthus Cake, who is also his mutual link partner. Caviar’s featured SR is Seaweed Soup, who actually has nothing to do with him.

Maofeng is a glass cannon with a focus on single-target damage, similar in function to Champagne and Pizza. Caviar on the other hand is a tank whose skills heal himself, while being able to give himself invulnerability. He’s basically a UR version of Gyoza.

What can they offer?

Huangshan Maofeng Tea
● Yet another DPS soul
● His skills are completely damage-oriented, and have no other utility
● Mutual link with Osmanthus Cake, an SR DPS soul

● A sturdy tank
● Can reduce enemy’s Defense, and can go invulnerable, but has almost no damage
● Mutual link with Milt, a UR healer with an absurdly powerful Linked Skill.


Huangshan Maofeng Tea
Being a pure DPS, he only has a place in your team if he can compete with the others in the same niche. Before level 75, he might do well enough even at 1★, but if other DPS souls catch up to him in damage, he loses his place. If he’s only 0★, however, he will find it hard to even find a place, unless you’re below level 50.

If you’re already at a high level, or your URs are largely 3★ and above, then you’d need to spend a lot to get this guy up to snuff.

His job is to take damage, and his ★ level plays a part in how well he can do that. However, Caviar has far less competition for the role than Maofeng does. Even among the good tanks, not all have the highly desirable ability to go invulnerable. Caviar also serves as Milt’s link, which allows even a 0★ Milt to do crazy things!

All in all, Caviar does not thirst for ★ levels in the same way that Maofeng does, but he certainly appreciates them.


Huangshan Maofeng Tea
In the long run, he’s only worth it if you’re willing to spend a lot to get him to 3★ and above.

You might already have Caviar and are looking to ascend him. If so, go on ahead! If you don’t already have him, he’s still worth considering if you have Milt and want to try out her linked skill.


This event seriously has some terrible timing, coming together with Turkey’s event. Don’t get too distracted by these shiny URs, and keep your crystals for Turkey.

Well, keep your crystals for Turkey, but your embers are fair game!

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