Event Duration: 18 Feb 2019 ~ 24 Feb 2019

Summon event where you get a “Crassula” for each summon. The key summons are Ddeokbokki and Kimchi in the Savory Feast event. They will both be permanently added into the summon pool and don’t seem to be worth the trouble to max IMO.

Rewards List

  • Crassula x1 = SR Kimchi Shard x1 (Max 415 times)
  • Crassula x1 = SR Ddeokbokki Shard x1 (Max 415 times)
  • Crassula x1 = Intermediate Seasoning x2 (Max 20 times)
  • Crassula x3 = Mirror Image x1 (Max 5 times)
  • Crassula x2 = Deluxe Bento x25 (Max 5 times)
  • Crassula x1 = Exploration Speed Up Coupon x10 (Max 4 times)
  • Crassula x1 = Commission Voucher x15 (Max 4 times)
  • Crassula x2 = Evolution Stone x15 (Max 4 times)
  • Crassula x1 = Tom Yum Challenge Ticket x10 (Max 5 times)

P.s. The rewards list has been changed from the CN wiki.

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