Gate of Trials – Crab Long Bao

Event Duration: 13 Mar 2019 ~ 16 Mar 2019

This event offers the chance to get Crab Long Bao Artifact energy more efficiently by challenging special stages with either Stamina or “Gate of Trials Tickets”.

Gate of Trials Tickets can be bought in shop for 5 Magic Crystals each to a maximum of 300 each day.

As the stage difficulty increases, you can earn more energy as seen:

Stage DifficultyStamina NeededTickets NeededEnergy Earned

Read more about Artifacts here.
Read more about Crab Long Bao here.


  1. Would be great if a comparison to buying UR tickets in the shop could be included! Something like:
    UR tix -140 gem, 1-5 energy random
    Highest difficulty stage – 35×5 =135 gems – 15 energy guaranteed
    OR 525 stamina = idk how many gems – 15 energy guaranteed
    Most cost effective option is to…… blablabla

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but its obvious the most cost effective would be to use tickets for this event. If not the event would be pointless isn’t it xD?

  2. Obviously the most effective option is to buy all the 300 tickets in the store each day for 1500 gems.
    Most effective = most whale :p

    PS : there’s a typo in the article, it’s 300 tix/day max and not 200.

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