Newborn Fire

Event Duration: 28 Nov 19 ~ 04 Dec 19


Similar event to Nagashi Somen ranking event with a different boss. Notable rewards from this event include White Truffle, special frames & avatar, and various consumable rewards.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the CN server’s iteration of this event, and may be subject to change.

Currencies & Energy

  • Faith Stone – Main energy in event (Regen 1 point every 4 minutes, max out at 180 points)

Event Guide

  • Every Aizen challenge will use up 60 Energy.
  • 30 Crystals can be exchanged for 100 Energy, up to 10 times per day.
  • Earn points according to damage dealt based on tier table below.
  • Rewards can be attained upon reaching specific amount of points.
1-100000 36 100%
100001-530000 37 <99.80%
530001-2300000 38 <98.94%
2300001-6300000 39 <95.40%
6300001-10300000 40 <87.40%
10300001-22000000 41 <79.40%
22000000 & Above 42 <56%

Aizen Fight Guide

Main features and attributes of Aizen

● Single Target Damage and Charm every 15 seconds.
● AOE skill that lowers Atk Spd of whole team for 5 seconds every 8-10 seconds. Able to be cleansed.
● AOE skill that causes bleeding (Damage over Time).

Countering the main features

1. Single Target Damage and Charm every 15 seconds.

The single target damage is low and peaked to around 3.6k damage, so make sure the HP of your team is at least 4k. The charm is an annoying single target skill which can create problems for new and beginning players with teams which are not that mature, in which case they can choose to run a defense tank. Key point of this skill is that it only targets the food soul with the highest ATK. Thus, it is beneficial if the one who is charmed is your healer, rather than a DPS who will proceed to kill off your team. However, using a slow cleansing healer will backfire for the next 2 features. There are 4 options to the charm problem:
1. Ignore it and hope to live through it
2. Using cleanser with high Atk Spd FA
3. Use Atk FA on your healer so the healer will always be charmed
4. Use Food Soul with Charm negating abilities (Fondant Cake)



2. AOE skill that lowers Atk Spd of whole team for 5 seconds every 8-10 seconds. Able to be cleansed.

The main bane of this boss fight. The reduction in Atk Spd can significantly lower the overall damage. Thus it is recommended to cleanse this debuff with a cleanser food soul. The usual list consists of Bibimbap, Nagashi Somen, Sichuan Hotpot and Laba Congee. However, cleansing healers are recommended to save another spot for a better DPS rather than using Sichuan Hotpot. The debuff applies to the whole team including your cleanser, thus the best Atk Spd FA should be given to the cleanser, the rest is all up to RNG.


3. AOE skill that causes bleeding (Damage over Time) .

Another skill to test your healer and even though the damage is not high, when combined with the Atk Spd reduction feature it can still be deadly. A Atk Spd Healer Cleanser is recommended but it will counter one of the solution to the first feature of using high Atk for healer. Pizza with Node 1 unlocked will be the best choice.


Notable Pairings


These pairings produce great synergies and are recommended to try them out if your team comp happens to include either one of them. Not compulsory to follow these pairings if fallen angels, stars are not desirable or better food soul choices are available.

Team Composition & Fallen Angels

A tank is not required. The major problem with this boss is that the feature needs the player to choose between using a Atk Spd or Atk Healer. The player needs to test both to see if the team is able to survive. Using a Atk Healer will allow the team to survive when the boss’s single target charm is triggered but greatly reduces the chance to cleanse the Atk Spd reduction and bleeding. Using a Atk Spd Healer will allow the cleanser healer to remove the Atk Spd reduction and bleeding faster but single target charm on your team’s DPS might cause a wipe. Keep trying and find a good balance to achieve the best damage.


Special mention to Turkey and Pizza, their artifacts skills can be very crucial in certain team comp. Turkey can use his 3rd node to mitigate charm, while Pizza can use his 1st node to mitigate the bleeding effect. The 2 recommended healers are Bibimbap and Nagashi Somen for their excellent group healing abilities while also bringing cleansing.

Team Comp 1 (Double Healer) :

  • 1 x Tank
  • 2 x Attackers
  • 2 x Healer

Ensure the highest Atk on 1 healer, while the other healer has the best Atk Spd FA. This will help cleanse while preventing charm on a DPS which might wipe the team. A starter team comp for players without Turkey, Pizza with artifacts. If Atk Spd is not enough to cleanse, consider using Fondant Cake to prevent the team from being charmed.

Team Comp 2 (Beer without Healer) :

  • Beer
  • 3 x Attackers
  • 1 x Tank

Prerequisite of this team comp requires a healing tank, Oyster is the best choice, Apple Pie might also work. Test and find the best tank for the job. A Turkey with 3rd node and Pizza with 1st node unlocked is also a must. Damage to the team needs to be mitigated and lowered to lowest using Pizza’s artifact. Ensuring Turkey to be the food soul in the team with the highest Atk will allow him to negate charm with his 3rd artifact node. However, Turkey needs to cast his skill without being silenced by Beer at the right time to pull this off. Use this comp at own risk, might need multiple attempts to pull a successful run.

Team Comp 3 (Mid Tier without Beer)

  • 3 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer (Cleanser)
  • 1 x Tank

The go to team comp for most seasoned players without Beer. Use a appropriate tank accordingly with your attackers’ power. If the tank is not dying when attacker is charmed, there is an option to use a better attacking FA for the tank. If the tank dies too often, either lower the power of your attackers or keep trying. Oyster and Apple Pie are the better tanks for survival.

Team Comp 4 (Mid Tier with Beer)

  • Beer
  • 2 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer (Cleanser)
  • 1 x Tank

Basically same as previous team comp but with Beer. The 2 attackers are recommended to be Pizza and Turkey if they got the artifacts required to ensure maximum survival rate.

Team Comp 5 (High Tier) :

  • Beer
  • 3 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer (Cleanser)

Forgoing tank to achieve the higher damage output. With a high powered Beer ensuring speed, the healer can go for Atk FA to take the charm effect, thus ensuring the attackers having full focus on the boss and no chance of wiping due to attackers being charmed. However, because the cleanser will not be cleansing fast enough, there is a chance the team will be slowed constantly. Test between the previous team comp and this one to find the best damage.

Reward List

Ranking – Points System

20000 Gold 100pt
20 Medium EXP Bottles
20 Beginner Seasonings 350pt
5 Exploration Speed Up Tickets
150 Soul Embers 900pt
30 Beginner Seasonings
5 Deluxe Bentos 1500pt
20 Intermediate Seasonings
300 Soul Embers 2100pt
15 White Truffle Shards
30 Skin Vouchers 2700pt
3 Mirror Images
White Truffle Direct Summon 3400pt
10 Deluxe Bentos
15 White Truffle Shards 4200pt
50 Beginner Seasonings
20 White Truffle Shards 5000pt
2 UR Artifact Challenge Tickets
450 Soul Embers 5800pt
20 White Truffle Shards
30 Intermediate Seasonings 6600pt
200000 Gold
20 White Truffle Shards 7400pt
10 Advanced Seasonings
3 UR Artifact Challenge Tickets 8200pt
40 White Truffle Shards
20 Deluxe Bentos 9000pt
900 Soul Embers
10 Advanced Togi Grabbers 9800pt
5 UR Artifact Challenge Tickets
1 Magic Ink 10800
50 Exploration Speed Up Tickets
150 Skin Vouchers 12000
10 UR Artifact Tickets
10 Mirror Images 13200
10 Special Seasonings

Top 5%
White Truffle Shards x 260
Top 5%-15%
White Truffle Shards x 110
Top 15% – 30%
Soul Embers x 900
Top 30% – 50%
Soul Embers x 600
Top 50% – 100%
Soul Embers x 300

Ranking – Damage System

Top 1%
Door of Truth Frame, White Truffle Avatar
Top 1%-50%
White Truffle Avatar

Summary & Tips

  • 3k Magic Crystals needed for full refills (10k Energy)
  • Remember to go for higher damage instead of longer duration
  • You only need to accumulate 8200 points to get 3* White Truffle
  • Plan your schedule to fight the boss to make sure your faith stones don’t hit cap and stop regenerating.
  • Compare different team comps to find the best.

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