Flowing Passion

Event Duration: 18 Jul 2019 – 27 Jul 2019


An easier and more straight-forward ranking event similar to the past Pizza and Mapo Tofu events. However, there is less RNG involved and no real pay to win element if you got enough crystals. Main gist of the event is to use energy to fight the boss and get rewards through ranking of damage and points. Notable rewards from this event include Nagashi Somen, special frames & avatar, and various consumable rewards.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the CN server’s iteration of this event, and may be subject to change.

Currencies & Energy

  • Faith Stone – Main energy in event (Regen 1 point every 4 minutes, max out at 180 points)

Event Guide

  • Every Orochi challenge will use up 60 Energy.
  • 30 Crystals can be exchanged for 100 Energy, up to 10 times per day.
  • Earn points according to damage dealt based on tier table below.
  • Rewards can be attained upon reaching specific amount of points.
1-100000 36 100%
100001-530000 37 <99.80%
530001-2300000 38 <98.94%
2300001-6300000 39 <95.40%
6300001-10300000 40 <87.40%
10300001-22000000 41 <79.40%
22000000 & Above 42 <56%

Orochi Fight Guide

Main features and attributes of Orochi

● Single Target Damage and Charm every 15 seconds.
● AOE skill that lowers Atk Spd of whole team for 5 seconds every 8-10 seconds. Able to be cleansed.
● AOE skill that does increased damage over and after certain time.
● Ignores CC.

Countering the main features

1. Single Target Damage and Charm every 15 seconds.

The damage is negligible and fixed, thus the main key to surviving lies with the healer. HP of the food soul tanking does not matter, thus a defense food soul is not required to tank. The charm is an annoying single target skill which can create problems for new and beginning players with teams which are not that mature, in which case they can choose to run a defense tank. For old and end-game players, there is the option to ignore this feature. The only solution to this feature right now lies with only one food soul that is Fondant Cake. If she is fast enough, she might be able to stop this charm ability throughout the fight.


2. AOE skill that lowers Atk Spd of whole team for 5 seconds every 8-10 seconds. Able to be cleansed.

The main bane of this boss fight. The reduction in Atk Spd can significantly lower the overall damage. Thus it is recommended to cleanse this debuff with a cleanser food soul. The usual list consists of Bibimbap, Sichuan Hotpot and Laba Congee. However, cleansing healers are recommended to save another spot for a better DPS rather than using Sichuan Hotpot. The debuff applies to the whole team including your cleanser, thus the best Atk Spd FA should be given to the cleanser, the rest is all up to RNG.


3. AOE skill that does increased damage over and after certain time.

Another skill to test your healer and even though the damage is not high, when combined with the Atk Spd reduction feature it can still be deadly. Recommended as above to give the best Atk Spd FA to your healer, best if it is a cleanser. Also recommended to go for group healer like Sweet Tofu, Bibimbap, Milt, Fondant Cake etc.


4. Ignores CC.

Best to use pure attack food souls with both basic and energy skills doing high % damage. These food souls include Champagne, Pizza, Turkey, Double Scoop, Bamboo Rice, Boston Lobster, Sanma, Cassata, American Corn Bread, Red Wine, Hamburger, Black Tea. Mapo Tofu is a special case even though she possesses CC ability, she can deal very high damage on par with Pizza or Champagne. Food souls with artifacts and the offensive nodes unlocked will obviously provide more damage. Thus the best food souls to use will be Mapo Tofu, Turkey, Pizza and Champagne. Atk Spd FAs are recommended.


Special Mention

There are a few food souls which breaks the meta through stringent conditions and combinations. These team comps with these special food souls can achieve damage through brute damage. Examples of these food souls are Beer, Cloud Tea, Butter Tea and Toso. Beer if raw brute Atk and Atk Spd while the other 3 generates huge amount of energy with the right conditions.


Notable Pairings


These pairings produce great synergies and are recommended to try them out if your team comp happens to include either one of them. Not compulsory to follow these pairings if fallen angels, stars are not desirable or better food soul choices are available.

Team Composition & Fallen Angels

A tank is not required. As mentioned above, priority of Atk Spd FA goes to the cleanser or healer, preferably both which can only be Bibimbap or Laba Congee. If your team is unable to survive after the AOE, healing is not enough, consider using a better healer or an additional healer. Use a defense food soul as tank if your team cannot survive charm. The team comps are pretty straight-forward but feel free to mix and match to find your dream team.

Team Comp 1 (Basic Tank) :

  • 1 x Tank
  • 3 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer

Defense food soul as tank is not required but if your team is dying pretty often to charm, a tank can be considered. An offensive tank is recommended to generate more damage while also to sustain the team. Another solution to avoid this team comp is to reduce damage from your attackers, either through FA or artifacts.

Team Comp 2 (Double healer) :

  • 3 x Attackers
  • 2 x Healers

Usage of 2 healers if 1 is not enough. Recommended to use a cleanser either Bibimbap or Laba Congee; in addition with Fondant Cake to stop charm from the boss.

Team Comp 3 (Basic Tankless) :

  • 4 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer

The go to team comp for most end-game players. Makes use of 1 healer, preferably Bibimbap who can serve as the cleanser too. If not, Sweet Tofu can be used and cleanser can be Sichuan Hotpot.

Team Comp 4 (Beer Power) :

  • Beer
  • 3 x Attackers
  • 1 x Healer

The meta breaker to use Beer and ignore charm debuff. The power of this team comp is just to use brute damage and speed to dish out the most damage. Very RNG as your team will be susceptible to charm and it might kill your tanking food soul at times. Also requires Beer and the cleanser to cast their basic skills at the right time to maximize damage, which you have no control over. Requires very stringent conditions involving high level FAs, stars, skills and of course luck. Will require multiple tries to succeed.

Reward List

Ranking – Points System

20000 Gold 100pt
20 Medium EXP Bottles
20 Beginner Seasonings 350pt
5 Exploration Speed Up Tickets
150 Soul Embers 900pt
30 Beginner Seasonings
5 Deluxe Bentos 1500pt
20 Intermediate Seasonings
300 Soul Embers 2100pt
15 Nagashi Somen Shards
30 Skin Vouchers 2700pt
3 Magic Mirrors
Nagashi Somen Direct Summon 3400pt
10 Deluxe Bentos
15 Nagashi Somen Shards 4200pt
50 Beginner Seasonings
20 Nagashi Somen Shards 5000pt
2 UR Artifact Challenge Tickets
450 Soul Embers 5800pt
20 Nagashi Somen Shards
30 Intermediate Seasonings 6600pt
200000 Gold
20 Nagashi Somen Shards 7400pt
10 Advanced Seasonings
3 UR Artifact Challenge Tickets 8200pt
40 Nagashi Somen Shards
20 Deluxe Bentos 9000pt
900 Soul Embers
10 Advanced Togi Grabbers 9800pt
5 UR Artifact Challenge Tickets
1 Magic Ink

Top 5%
Nagashi Somen Shards x 260
Top 5%-15%
Nagashi Somen Shards x 110
Top 15% – 30%
Soul Embers x 900
Top 30% – 50%
Soul Embers x 600
Top 50% – 100%
Soul Embers x 300

Ranking – Damage System

Top 1%
Somen Frame, Somen Avatar
Top 1%-50%
Somen Avatar

Summary & Tips

  • 3k Magic Crystals needed for full refills (10k Energy)
  • Remember to go for higher damage instead of longer duration
  • You only need to accumulate 8200 points to get 3* Nagashi Somen
  • Plan your schedule to fight the boss to make sure your faith stones don’t hit cap and stop regenerating.
  • Compare different team comps to find the best.

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