Lore – Champagne

I. Suspicions

Master Attendant once said that my arrival filled him with so much joy that it was akin to winning a battle.

My master attendant has been protecting this country for decades, defeating countless invaders in the process.

He joined the army at a very young age, defending the country ever since its humble beginnings. The never-ending wars gave him nothing but scars which marked his triumphs over the years.

Presently, he has grown old. At a time where most elders would be spending time with their families, Master Attendant had only me to keep him company.

There is always a smile on his face as he commented that the country was like a child to him. He had invested his heart and soul into protecting it, watching it grow into a strong and prosperous country.

Whenever he returned from a victorious battle and witnessed the people cheering for him, he would tell me that he has never regretted dedicating his life to protecting the people of this land.

However, the King betrayed him. He was jealous of Master Attendant for having control over the army.

No one expected that a simple palace party would end up with Master Attendant being led to execution.

His family members have passed away and he was without any children of his own. Master Attendant cared for me like a brother and was someone who would do anything for a person he cares for. I will not watch him get executed for no logical reason.

I should not get his soldiers into trouble either, so I broke into the heavily guarded prison alone.

The man, who used to be so full of energy, appeared exhausted and weak now. His current state reminded me of the sick and old folks in hospitals. Even his hair which was usually neatly combed back, hung loosely against his temples.

He lifted his head and looked at me weakly, muttering under his breath, "Leave... leave now..."

When I finally heard him clearly, countless guards were already rushing towards me with weapons in their hands.

I twirled the gun in my hand, smirking at the guards who hesitated to attack me.

"Have all of you thought though this clearly? If you're going against me, you're going against victory!"

My powers transformed into bullets and shot out of the gun. Sparks flew as the bullets grazed against the cell walls. As the guards collapsed one after another, more of them charged in to take the place of their fallen comrades.

My powers were gradually draining out of me. My vision blurred. Only the sorrowful screams from my Master Attendant behind me sounded painfully clear.

No... I must not... fail...

II. Reinforcements

Exhausting my power had weakened me tremendously. My legs had lost their strength and could no longer support my weight.

In order to protect Master Attendant, I attempted to block the bullets with my body. At this point, I was already numbed to the pain.

The only thing left that was preventing my body from collapsing was the mere thought that I could not lose. Nonetheless, my vision was gradually tainted with red.

I tried my best to keep my eyes open but eventually slipped and fell forward.

Just when I thought I was going to be defeated, a familiar figure appeared in front me and held up my body.

"Champagne, you are our symbol of victory! You must not collapse. Hang in there!"

The fog in my mind slowly cleared and consciousness returned, allowing me to identify the person.

"You guys... Why are all of you here?"

"The General is not your responsibility alone. We are who we are today because of his guidance in the past; He is like a father to us. We have been upset with the King for a long time too. If it wasn't for General, we would not be leading such peaceful lives!"

I nodded at my fellow soldiers and stood up with the support of those nearby.

"With me around, there will only be victory!"

With their help, Master Attendant was quickly rescued.

And I pass out soon after making sure Master Attendant was safe.


When I woke up, Master Attendant was sitting by my bedside with a worried look on his face. His hands still bore scars from the cuffs that held him.

His rough hands trembled as he touched my face.

"It's been tough on you, Champagne. Thank you."

The worried expression lasted for a fleeting second before being replaced with his usual serious countenance. There was a murderous look in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter if they hurt me, but I will never allow them to hurt my soldiers!"


I stood there, staring at the bodies of the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives while trying to rescue my Master Attendant. I clenched my fists.

I turned around to look at Master Attendant. The hesitation in his eyes was gone, leaving behind only resolution.

A smile tugged at the corner of my lips as I lifted the flag in my hands.

As long as I am there, victory shall be yours.

Wherever my gun points to, it shall be yours to command.

III. Rebuttal

Nobody expected a patriotic general to lead a rebel army against the King, but it was bound to happen.

Master Attendant's health had deteriorated from his time spent in prison. Hence, he handed me the power to lead the army.

The soldiers who were loyal to Master Attendant trusted me the same way. After all, I am the symbol of victory for them.

Every battle was victorious without fail. Even in situations where it seemed like all hope was lost, I
was able to lead them to victory.

I am Champagne. I am the symbol of victory.

The rebellion army was invincible. Nothing could stand in our paths.

The citizens, who could no longer tolerate oppression from the nobles, opened up all the gates for us to enter. We made our way into the King's castle without any resistance.

The useless King stumbled into his throne, trembling in fear.

A loud gunshot sounded. Blood seeped into the red carpet, staining it with a darker shade of red.

I turned around to look at Master Attendant who was standing by the door. His body had grown to become very frail, even weaker than the elders.

I reached out for his hand, hoping to guide him to the throne for a rest. He ignored my outstretched hand and pushed at my shoulders instead. I was caught by surprise as I fell clumsily onto the throne. Frowning, I glanced at Master Attendant's aging face.

"I am old and there's not much time left for me. But you're different, Champagne. I can tell that you have the capability to be a good King. Even though you don't like humans very much, promise me that you'll protect this country for me, will you?"

His words left me in shock. I have always thought that I hid my dislike for humans very well. When dealing with those annoying nobles, I could even put on a smile that would have made a young girl blush.

Master Attendant noticed my expression. He ruffled my hair.

"Don't worry, you hid it very well. I know you've been suppressing your own feelings because of me for a very long time."

“Aren’t you afraid that I will destroy your beloved country?”

“You wouldn't.”


“Because I trust you. You are the only one who can protect this country for me.”

I studied him carefully and took a deep breath. The air still carried the unpleasant smell of blood but it was enough to calm me down.

I agreed to my Master Attendant's request and became the new King of this country.

Master Attendant soon passed away.

The rebellion army was subsequently split into two. Those who were loyal to Master Attendant supported my succession, while the other half wanted the throne to themselves.

Unlike humans, the appearance of food souls will never change and we have lots of time on our hands, something which meant nothing to us.

I have been by my Master Attendant's side ever since he was a child. Now that he has passed away, my appearance still hasn't changed at all.

Looking at the humans with evil intentions, I couldn't help but laughed out loud.

So this is the country that you wanted to protect.

Nonetheless, it was your last request from me. I will definitely keep my promise.

I have more than enough time to change the kingdom that had once let you down.

And so, I became determined in changing the country.

Unlike Master Attendant who had a soft heart for those who fought alongside him in battles, I was not emotionally attached to anyone. Thus, I gave out harsh punishments towards nobles who had broken the law, got rid of social statuses that were hindering judgement and removed the main leaders from the palace.

The commoners were finally released from oppression by the nobles and could go about their lives with their heads held high.

I stood on the city walls and saw the smiles on the people's faces. I guess, this is the kind of country that he would have wanted.

IV. Nation

There are a lot of things that I do not understand about humans, especially how they are willing to betray their principles and sacrifice the well-being of others for their own personal gains.

Not everyone agrees with the changes that I had brought upon this country. They constantly opposed my orders, even though it was clear that the country is advancing at a tremendous pace.

If I wanted to push forward with the country's reformation, the neighboring countries' attempts at attacking us would be my best bet.

Wars and turmoil are common during the changing of rulers. When news of Master Attendant's death reaches the ears of these neighboring countries, they would definitely pounce on the chance to take a piece of our land.

And only at times like this, when the nobles needed me to secure a victory for them, will they follow the rules that I have laid out and obey my orders.

Wars, establishing laws, keeping public turmoil under control, executing orders. Everything has been planned out. I understood that it was not a long-term plan, but at least it was sufficient to stabilize the situation for now.

After all, don't humans restrain each other all the time?

Eventually, after neighboring countries realized that we were not as weak as they'd initially thought, the last war ended and peace was restored to our country.

The coronation ceremony that had been shelved away when war started, was brought up once again. I will be the rightful ruler once the coronation ceremony was completed.

Those who challenged my ruling began citing the long-forgotten concept of theocracy as a reason to go against me.

To be honest, I couldn't care less about whether I was suitable for the King's position and neither do I want to be the King of this country; But the ministers would not stop pestering me. They mentioned that as long as I gained the Saint's approval, no one would be able to renounce my power.

They have repeatedly tried to persuade me, insisting that I was born to be King and that the throne was mine to claim.

Under the seemingly peaceful surface, everyone was actually trying to gain something out of this mess.

Nobody had expected that the Saint would come looking for me on her own accord. I was surprised to discover that she was actually a food soul like me.

I watched from my throne as she bowed respectfully. She reminded me of someone I had once seen standing in front of a church. Then I realized her clothes looked familiar too.

She raised her head to look at me.

I suddenly recalled a time when I was passing through a small city. When we invaded the city, she had been standing there, trying to protect the people with her powers alone.

I cupped my chin and studied her with interest.

"Your royal highness, I have a small request which I hope your highness will consider."

I had assumed that she wanted something from me as I needed a favor from her. Who would have imagined that she was here to refute me?

"No, your highness. I was only hoping that your laws will be less harsh. Even though strict laws are necessary in governing the country, there are some things which cannot be judged upon with pure logical reasoning. It may appear to be too heartless if you do so."

I had a flashback to the nobles pleading for me to reinstate their high social status and giving all sorts of reasons. Annoyance and irritation filled me, causing me to raise my voice.

Our heated argument sparked some discomfort and helplessness in the ministers, but my impression of her was beginning to change as we debated.

That girl has the same kindness and gentleness towards humans that my Master Attendant had.

Finally, I could not contain my emotions any longer and burst out laughing.

Looking at her smile, I had no idea what came over me.

"Well, if you truly think so, why don't you stay here and let's see if you can convince me or I'll convince you."

V. Champagne

Champagne is a very arrogant food soul.

Soon after Champagne was summoned, his Master Attendant noticed his indifference towards humans.

Other than the General, he couldn't care less about anyone else. If the General wasn't his Master Attendant, Champagne probably would have treated him the same way.

Champagne quickly realized the problem with his attitude and covered it up with his smile, deceiving almost everyone.

His Master Attendant knew that Champagne was comparatively better at military affairs and had the qualities of a good King.

Champagne was always more decisive during battles. At times where others would hesitate, he was able to choose the most logical route in attaining their goal even though it may be ruthless.

So when the General was forced to go against the King, the first person that came to mind for the throne was Champagne instead of himself.

He handed his responsibility over to Champagne, the guy who seemed to have infinite power and will never grow old; The guy who symbolizes victory.

By handing his position to Champagne, the country will never have to witness their King grow old and succumb to poor judgement.

And only when he hands the country over to Champagne, whom he trusts most, can he leave this world in peace.

Despite many voicing their concerns, Champagne went on to claim the coveted throne and became the country's King. His leadership amazed everyone and his ability in leading the army surpassed that of previous Kings.

As long as Champagne is around, the battle will always end in victory.

Champagne was more deserving of the throne than any former King in history.

The ministers knew that this country could not withstand another round of chaos caused by the nobles, so they needed Champagne to remain as King more than ever. But they knew that Champagne would have preferred to abandon the throne and enjoy a life of freedom. If it wasn't for pride, some were even willing to go down on their knees and beg him to stay.

Therefore, Champagne was forced to stay in the country.

This worried the ministers. Now that Champagne has lost his Master Attendant, there was nothing left in this country to make him stay other than the promise made between them.

As the conceited nobles challenged Champagne's reign repeatedly, the ministers could only pray fervently for a smooth coronation ceremony.

The Saint's arrival took them by surprise.

Once Champagne attains the Saint's approval, those who opposed him on the basis of theocracy will have to accept his succession.


The King and the Saint did not seem to be on good terms with each other...

"Champagne! Didn't I tell you to use the money for disaster relief! Why did you give it to the army?!"

"Unreasonable woman! The pirates are invading! If we do not protect our people, they will be the ones suffering!"


"What?! I'm gonna...! Why did you hit me?!"

"No vulgarities! As a King, you should watch your behavior! The children must not learn such uncouth mannerism from you!"

The ministers smiled as they watched them argue from afar. With the King and the Saint working together, they believe the country will only get better in future.


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